Black Ops: PS3 vs Xbox 360 Scope Comparisson

A quick video showing the difference between the scope detail on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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L0G1C2895d ago

Isn't the PS3 version simply a port from the 360? That could explain the "trash" in the scope. The developers probably don't give two shits, really considering money was the #1 thing on their minds.

Red_Orange_Juice2895d ago

Treyarch couldn't care less about the ps3

The Meerkat2895d ago

Maybe the next Call of Duty on the PS3 will have some 'premium' guns.

rezzah2895d ago

We would probably be lucky to have a decent COD game at best since IW is no more.

NecrumSlavery2895d ago

which is sad cause the PS3 is only about a million and a half behind in COD sales.

7.6 360
5.9 PS3

I could get it if the PS3 community didn't buy this game, but as a console that isn't a mascot for the "FPS", the PS3 Black Ops numbers are huge and it's completely bullsh*t that Trey and Acti didn't put the same effort into the 42% of the the COD:BO sales as they did into the other half. At the rate of the PS3 COD sale increase each year, I could see both versions equal in 2011 in sales, and one can only hope, quality as well.

BulletToothtony2895d ago

glare on the scopes and red dots attachments was the dumbest idea that's ever been made in the history of fps..

treyarch went out of their way to make certain things extremely hard and other to make the noobs have a great time.. RC cars, Last Stand, but then when it comes to aim.. meh let's make it hard by putting glare and crap in the scope i mean WTF!

but biggest mistake is to make the coding so bad that 40% of my shots with my m16 don't register, i was forced to use an automatic weapon cause other wise i can't kill anyone by "aiming"

treyarch this was the one and only game i would ever buy from you..

i switched back to cod4.. man it was heaven!!

BattleAxe2895d ago

I totally agree with the video. I never use the Acog because it is garbage on PS3, and because this game in its entirety on PS3 is sub-par, this will probably be the last CoD game I buy unless they manage to somehow blow me away with something new.

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rezzah2895d ago

One of the reasons why I dislike Black Ops.

Main reason? I never liked Treyarch work. COD 3,5,7 and any of their future works is shyt.

If zombies alone is a reason enough for some to buy the game then the overall game itself is lacking.

zackacloud2895d ago

If we want zombies go and buy Dead Rising 2 or resident evil 5 GE

BO it for online shooter fan i knew people have the BO from day one and to this moment they didn't play the story line

WildArmed2895d ago

I gotta disagree zacka.. (w/ ur first line anyway)

DR2 wasn't a very good game imo.

RE5 while an AMAZING game, it hardly replaces CoD:WaW/BO zombies mode.

CoD zombie mode is has a faster pace and a nice learning curve (RE5 is slow and has a steep learning curve, keep in mind I <3 Re5).
So I enjoy playing CoD:Waw w/ my friends whenever they come over. They aren't intimidated by it as from the other games..

Since it

ForceCSW2895d ago

I think thats a little harsh. I personally think Black Ops had a really great campaign, and it's a great compliment to the awesome online and really fun zombies mode. I personally don't think it deserves all the hate because aside from the glitches that occur a little to often, it really is a great game.

r1sh122895d ago

Im one of those people.
I tend to play the multiplayer of any game first before I touch single player.
The only time I do single player is after the multiplayer has some retarded glitch, remember the Javelin glitch on MW2..
Single player/Co op at that time.

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xAlmostPro2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

it is because activision make shitty ps3 ports.. its fact..

saying that though, its not as bad as this video shows tbh.. and theres weird sort of interlace issues in his ps3 video to the left(you can see the lines when he turns n stuff).. so it doesn't do it justice..not only that wings has recently made a 360 vs ps3 vs PC videos and doing so for the views.. he claims he's not a 360 fanboy yet when talking about the ps3, about 90% of the time he uses false information or as he calls them 'facts'..

just saying :) but yeah it doesn't suprise me anyway, i think we all know the ps3 got the raw deal on this game

Gamer_Z2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Yeah I know what you mean I switched back to COD4 a few days ago after not playing it for 2 years and I'm loving it! The graphics on this game are awesome, much better than MW2 and leaps and bounds better than BO. It's funny if you never played a COD game you would think BO came before Call of Duty 4.

Graphics wise it goes like this BO > WAW > MW2 > COD4

L0G1C2895d ago

I guess you meant those to be arrows.
In maths language, it would read: BO is greater than WAW is greater than etc.

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Delt42895d ago

i use the iron sights anyways. Extended mags are your friend

TheFreak2895d ago

Dual mag with sleight of hand is the the way to go

L0G1C2895d ago

When's the last time a one bubble guy had this many agrees and no disagrees? lol

DoomeDx2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I dont see the all

Also, how can we compare the scopes if he is in a diffrent lightning-enviroment all the time?

Jesus who approved this

rezzah2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Use 720p and your memory to compare the specific differences in lenses. It cant be that hard if you are use to playing games.

Gamers should be able to easily pick out the slightest differences in any game.

Guy said he wasnt good at editing videos.

DoomeDx2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

The video-creator could also spend some time editting the video so the lightning is on par with the other version.

Stupid comparison. thats all

EDIT: Hes not good at editting, but he does know how to make a splitscreen? If you can do that, you should also know how to cut your video's.

dead_eye2895d ago

Why should you have to use your memory in a comparison. Makes no fucking sense.

rezzah2895d ago

Are that lazy? I mean being physically lazy is one thing but for you to be so lazy that you cant even make a simple comaprison in your mind of small light glares?

The videos are side by side. If its too much for you to handle here maybe I can help. When one video is at a certain spot, stop it, then when the other video reaches the same spot stop it. Use your memory of what the other picture looked like and compare every little detail.

There you go, was that so hard?

DoomeDx2895d ago

Someone has a bubble to spare?
Idk why, but i lost one.
And if you read my comment history, im not a fanboy too

NecrumSlavery2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

me niether dude. you'll lose a bubble if you say anything thats taboo to said thread. meaning do not bash a kinect article or praise a Move article if Bungie or Omega4 types of people are in it, and don't praise a kinect article or bash a Move article if a PS3 fanatics are commenting on it.

I think the best best for getting bubbles is commenting in a neutral way. Where you don't look like youre being biased. So basically state facts in a way that can't offend

Bottom line: OPINIONS = TROLLING = LOSS of bubbles

Thanks man. You get two bubs from on your two comments.

DoomeDx2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

@ NecrumSlavery

Bubble up for you.

JokesOnYou2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

"So basically state facts in a way that can't offend"

-yeah, good luck with that...this is n4g, facts mean nothing if they are contrary to what a fanboy believes, besides why do you care about bubbles, I'd rather have one and feel free to say what I like rather than let some internet fanboys control me because I don't want to "offend" them and lose some stupid azz bubbles, lol

-On topic, COD BO is the biggest game of the year on any platform, yet ps3 even this late in its life-cycle is still getting 2nd rate treatment on multiplats, thats a shame.

awesomeperson2895d ago

Do you post a heap in every article, if not just leave it, you'll get it back eventually.

I remember before N4G updates I went from like 6-3 bubbles in a night for the meaning of my post been taken as a bit too fanboy on a Halo article, that was bubble r*pe to its finest, then the N4G bubble updates happened >.<

btk2895d ago

All this waffle - mods took all my bubbles for a funny comment - against Kinect - was up to 5 bubbles and now they refuse to reply or give my bubbles back... And you think the mods are pro-PS3? You must be joking...

Projekt7tuning2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

@ JokesOnYou
JokesOnYou is right. I have seen him go for over a year with 1 bubble and say everything he damn well pleased.
I have more respect for him on here than just about anyone for staying true to his opinions. I had 10 bubbles in the old N4G I still post the same way and still have stayed at 5 on the new N4G. JokesOnYou had 5 and went straight to 1 in about a day. I thought it was funny in a morbid sort of way. But he kept going and with the help of all of us, he has them again. Weird thing is it seemed like an overnight thing for him to go from 1 to 5 bubbles. I thinks higher powers that be on this site might be the one on top of him. lol. Oh no JokesOnYou, I let out the conspiracy. If I don't post again you'll know why. lol

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Pumbli2895d ago

*gasp* A CoD game runs better on 360? Biggest surprise to me since I was told cheerios was a type of cereal.

cpt_kaos2895d ago

HOLY SHIT Cheerios a cereal.

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