PSN!: And the GOTY is...Heavy Rain

After weeks of votes by our community members, finally we are pleased to unveil our PSN! - Game of the Year 2010.

And the winner is...Heavy Rain.

The game developed by Quantic Dream is also the winner in the categories of "best soundtrack (non musical game)", "best design" and "best new IP".

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Rahim922871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )


Good game but I was seriously hoping for God of War 3 to be GOTY.

DORMIN2871d ago

My GOTY too.

With RDR right behind it.

Heavy Rain was an unforgettable experience for me. Amazing game.

D4RkNIKON2871d ago

I agree. HR is my GOTY followed by RDR and GOW3

rockleex2870d ago

Then God of War 3, then RDR.

RDR was kind of a letdown with how 90% of the story missions were pointless and dealt with stupid characters who had no relation to the story.

tablav2871d ago

God of War 3 was a great game. Heavy Rain was also a great game. Difference is, Heavy Rain is innovative and pushed gaming to new levels. Definitely my GOTY too...

N311V2871d ago

I agree, HR is great but GOWIII for me was gob smakingly great.

Azianphil882871d ago

Congrats to David Cage and the studio Quantic Dream
a new IP like this deserve some recognition
because of Heavy Rain i'm following QD next project

L0G1C2871d ago

Do you mean a new Indigo Prophecy or new intellectual property? Because Heavy Rain is the former.

Azianphil882871d ago

what do you mean by former?
what im trying to said is whatever QD next project is
im looking forward to it
Doesnt matter if its a new IP or a sequel to Indigo Prophecy

L0G1C2871d ago

"Former" refers to the first part of my question (Indigo Prophecy). Had I said "latter", it would have referred to the last part of my question (intellectual property).

dragon822871d ago

Heavy Rain was a new IP. It was not a sequel to Indigo Prophecy.

tablav2871d ago

I would rather see a game that develops QDs own style than rip off techniques from other games, which is what most studios do these days.

Say hello to Heavy Rain...cover based shooter with increasingly brutal melee attacks.

Try something new...I'm sure it won't hurt.

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spunnups2871d ago

Great Game, but remember, it's all opinions.

Comic Book Guy2871d ago

Heavy Rain is my GOTY by a longshot. I haven't been as immersed in a story since MGS4.

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