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Whilst the jury is still out on whether Gran Turismo 5 is a damn good game or a damp squib, the shipping numbers have come out and they are extremely impressive. Sony has shipped 5.5 million copies to stores worldwide amd whilst this doesnt equal out to over 5 million copies actually being in the hands of consumers, it does give a good indication of how well the title has been selling when demand for stock is so big.
In 12 days the worldwide numbers have hit 5.52 million, a solid head start to it’s previous full home console title, Gran Turismo 4 which sold 10.86 million copies in it’s 5 years since release.

Its not all good news for the series though as along with the sales for GT5, the sales were also announced for the PSP title that came out in October 2009. Sonys handheld console, the PSP, has sold 62 million since release but the Gran Turismo PSP title, that was praised to be a killer app for the device, has only sold 2.24 million copies, including downloads. Seeing how shoppers are also able to get Gran Turismo PSP for free with various PSP Go offers, that’s not an impressive amount of actual monetary sales for the title.
This raises an important question though: Is the PSP (or handheld gaming) dying when a title in a long running, high profile, series is unable to scrape more than 2.2 million sales?

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disturbing_flame2870d ago

RIP hardcore gaming. Welcome casual market.

zootang2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Didn't the PSP just do 300,000 in a week in japan? Isn't The DS out selling everything?

Final Fantasy 13 Agito is yet to be released also


People are still buying it! Everyone reports shipped (sold to retailer, cash in pocket!) so I fail to see your point.

Dark_Charizard2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

These are just shipment numbers. Stop misinterpreting and inflating numbers. GT5 has sold around 3 million, which is also extermely high but it doesn't imply anything like decline of handheld gaming.

And zootang, are you living under a rock or something? Monster Hunter Portable 3 was recently released for PSP, causing a huge sales spike.

Below - Go check VGC. Their numbers only deviate by 100-200k maximum.. but ofcourse, if you don't want to accept that you can believe the fake inflated numbers. As it is you live in a world of lies that thinks GT5 is the best racing game of this generation... lol! Look at your comment history, you're an obvious fanboy!

ShinMaster2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I don't think he^^ said that Handhelds weren't selling.

Also, where's your source/proof that GT5 sold 3 mil as of right now?
And why does 5.5mil bother you?

ShinMaster2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Also, where does it say shipped?
Unless you can prove otherwise.

himdeel2870d ago

I agree shipped and in the hands of consumers is all semantics because zoontang is correct shipped means someone has already purchased those items and money has changed hands.

StickTwiddlers2870d ago


Look a little higher and you'll read:

"Sony has shipped 5.5 million copies to stores worldwide amd whilst this doesnt equal out to over 5 million copies actually being in the hands of consumers..."

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Vherostar2870d ago

the thing is people dont want hardcore or expect it on handhelds this is partly Nintendos fault for never making hardcore games for the gameboy brand in the past and it just went from there. Handhelds are seen as a casual thing to do while on the move. Nobody really sees them as hardcore except a select percentage. Consoles is a whole differnt kettle of fish though.

kesvalk2869d ago

i am sure this is the first generation that seriously supported handheld gaming, i neved had a handheld nor my friends, yet, this generation more than half of my friends have brought a DS and i have a DS and a PSP

the two have games that would fit right in on consoles, i would even go as far as to say that perhaps, this generations or the next is the last generation to have consoles...

even more if the PSP3 really have PS3 graphs (i doubt, but it could be).

George Sears2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

GT series is intended to be played on a big screen not on a handheld device so I am actually surprised the game did so well on the PSP. I'm a fan of the series (hell I just bought GT5 a few days ago) but I find playing this game on a handheld a bit awkward compared to my tv.

PirateThom2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I think the problem is that the PSP GT feels like an extention to a full game rather than a stand alone title and there's not enough cross over between GT5 and PSP to make it worthwhile rather than handheld gaming being on the decline.

A career mode would have been a start.

Stealth20k2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

What bullshit article is this?

the psp just sold 300k in one region last week and the ds just outsold everything.......even consoles

wow another idiotic apple fanboy who doesnt realize that we all own a psp for the quality and content of the games.

And handheld gaming is on a meteoric rise.....this gen the ds and psp have sold mor eunits and have more sales than consoles and or any other handheld before it.

Nothing to see but another dellusional apple fanboy who actually thinks the game quality doesnt matter.

@below, they arent dominating anything because guess what its not a game system. By that logic the pc is dominating. The ds and psp have sold more than the consoles this gen, are consoles dying? no

The ds sold more than every other game system last week in every region and the psp sold 300k.......

Only to these screwed up people think that 65 million units sold and 130 million units sold is failing when theres basically no precident

@second point, the ds has outsold the wii by a pretty decent margin and the psp has outsold everythign other than the ds and wii. Iproducts arent game devices, they are multimedia devices that happen to play games like pc's

@kwyjibo you must be 12......phones arent dedicated handhelds so you cant even compare sales of phones and game devices. Its why they arent compared ever. You dont compare pc's and consoles. Not everyone games on phones and not everyone games on pc's

The psp go is literally irrelevant with the other psp models selling like gangbusters. And the psp 2 will be just as successful

deadreckoning6662870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

@stealth- You don't need to be an apple fanboy to comprehend that Apple is dominating the portable market. For example, if I acknowledge that the Wii is the dominant force in this console generation as far as sales are concerned...does that make me a Wii fanboy?

And the fact that you need to curse in the very first sentence of your comment says a lot about your personality. Are you angry about something? Issues at home?

@kwyjibo- Don't waste your breath dude. Logic rarely applies on this site.

@stealth- Ummm...the Iphone, Ipod touch, AND the Ipad are gaming machines. Seriously dude? Why are people on this site so ignorant?

guzman2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Getting the most out of that last bubble, huh Dead?

kwyjibo2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

That's nothing, Android are activating 300,000 phones a day.

The PSP is irrelevant everywhere aside from Monster Hunter land.

Sony could have done something bold with the PSPGo, but they didn't. They undermarketed it, and had absolutely no confidence in it. They were too afraid of alienating the pathetic middlemen wastes of space which are the retailers.

Oh, that "quality and content" that you're looking for? It's going mobile, some examples -

The guys waiting for "quality and content" on the PSP are just going to be left holding their dicks when the platform is (and pretty much already has been) abandoned, like the kids with the N64, desperately clutching to overpriced first party titles while everyone swims in a wealth of fantastic games.


Edit - "they arent dominating anything because guess what its not a game system."

Such a fail statement. Apple put out adverts last year, purely dedicated to gaming. Their US gaming revenues outstripped that of the PSP in 2009 - and given that they don't bother with wasteful UMDs, means that their margins and profits were disproportionally higher.

You neither have the facts or the argument.

guzman2870d ago

You think Xbots are bad, just wait til the Apple cretins hit. The frothing they produce will make this mongoloid above me look like a sane individual.

kwyjibo2870d ago

Lol, nice one guzman.

This is what you're reduced to, calling names. Its just that insults don't negate facts.

foss32869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Apple bringing gaming into the casual mainstream is going to have the effect of AOL bringing non-techies onto the internet.

Sure, gaming revenue is going to increase and Apple are going to make a ton on gaming on the ipod. I'm not going to argue that.

I will argue that the quality of gaming, and especially the quality of the gaming community, will suffer. Why? The games will adjust to please the market, which will become more casual and less intelligent (the larger the market the more you have to dumb things down), thus the quality will suffer. Same analogy for the community.

Esena2870d ago

I think it's because of what Gran Turismo is claiming to be. It is "The Real Driving Simulator." It isn't something you can get on a handheld device as well as it can be done on a home console. You don't have the pretty graphics, the realistic sounds, the wheel attachments, etc.

That's why handheld games should be games that are designed for well, handheld gameplay. Puzzle games, platformers, strategy, etc.

Although I loved Peace Walker, and the GOW games, no one will argue if they were to be on console, you would not have bought the PSP version. (Well maybe not "no one" but you know what I mean...)

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