Would you go gay for games?

MyGaming - Tarryn van der Byl snaps on a latex glove and probes sexuality in games
Would you play a gay character in a video game? One of My Gaming’s regulars, powderbucket, recently posed the question on our forums (consequent to a somewhat related topic on her blog), to a tragically predictable inundation of “EW GROSS NO”-type replies.

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-Mezzo-3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Cheez, this is one weird Article/Question.....

Galaxia3498d ago

No, never. Way to disgusting/gross/revolting.

Convas3498d ago

Errr No. I've heard of dudes playing as females, because, hey, most of the time the female's rump is more pleasing to the eye than the males. But when it comes time to get down on dirty street, folks trip up, unless it's another female.

Which is why I ALWAYS play as males. The in-game male becomes an extension of me, and romancing females is what heterosexual dudes do anyway.

If you're gay, you would prefer to play a male and get into man-on-man relationships, that's cool, I won't hate. But the day when a video game forces you to play as a male and get involved romantically and/or physically, is where I step off and say absolutely not.

So no. I'm heterosexual in real life. Why would I change for games?

Chris3993497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Well thought out and intelligent. Bubbles for you. Rather refreshing considering some of the playground dribble posted above you.

(The following is not directed at you Clizz)

Oh and as my (gay) brother once said: "I don't know why some straight guys get so freaked out by gay men. Ugly is the universal language."

Don't assume that just because you have male parts that every gay dude suddenly wants a piece of you. If anything they're a lot more conscious of the male physique and beauty than straight women are (who tend to be more forgiving of looks in favor of emotional security).

Unless you're some Adonis the gay dudes aren't checking you out anymore than the super hot - and picky - chicks are.

Personally I'm comfortable enough with my sexuality to play a gay lead in a game IF the game was worth playing in the first place. I'd skip the sexy bits though if there were any.

-Mezzo-3497d ago

No I Wont, I'm into Jugs.

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