MyGaming - Kinect Motion Sports Review

MyGaming - MotionSports, by Ubisoft, is yet another of the inevitable slew of mini-game compilations that seems predestined to arrive in the wake of Microsoft’s new motion control peripheral

Let it never be said that Motion Sports suffers from a lack of variety. There are six types of sports to choose from; Hang-gliding, Skiing, American Football, Horseback Riding, Football and the always popular Boxing. Each activity starts with a single event being available, and as the player progresses, additional events are unlocked. The events start out fairly simple; a basic course for your first Horse ride, a small and straight forward course for Hang-gliding and a simple penalty shootout for football There is however no real indication of a player’s progress toward unlocking the next event. Yes, the medals awarded are an indication, but some sort of progress bar would have gone a long way to easing the casual gamer in.

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