GTA IV info from GamePro, PS3 Problems, Online Tuning, Halo 3 Effect, ESRB & More

Games magazine, GamePro was given a chance to play GTA IV again and although it was the same demo as before [same missions ect], they managed get some new info for us. Check it out:

- Billboards can be seen advertsing "Shark Credit Cards," "Pirate Music" and "The Whiz" (The Whiz being the type of phone Niko uses.)
- The HUD is described as "minimalist to its core." There is a mini-map, a "low-key" cash counter, and they say that the HUD in general looks more clean than in previous GTA games.
- One of the female pedestrians screams "this sh*t is bananas!" from her vehicle. (Another quote we heard a while back)
- A fare meter appears on-screen as soon as Niko enters a cab, and the camera pans around it as it drives.

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Hugh Hefner4059d ago

If only Rockstar would have had the cojones to release the 360 version ahead... we could have been playing GTA4 this year.

Stella4059d ago

The 360 has turned out to be a nightmare for Rockstar. Due to being desperate for money they had to take the 50 million dollars from Microsoft to support the gimped 360.

7 GB DVD disc
No standard harddrive

Rockstar right now is faced with making a game in 2007 that has to fit in less space than PS2 and Xbox games had back in 2001.

Is the 360 Rockstar's primary focus? Of course it is. Rockstar engineers wake up screaming in the middle of the night with nightmares over how the hell they are going make a game work on two highend systems and one gimped one, the 360.

stingray91914059d ago

Stella you are funny the 360 uses dvd-9s which are 9 gigs hence the 9 in the name and with good compression technology they could fit 15 to 20 GB(the biggest game I have ever seen on pc was like 6 GB installed) on a dvd-9 and it would still read faster than the 2x bd drive in the ps3.

correct me if I am wrong but I think that your reason for the 360 being gimped more than the ps3 is incorrect...I dont care if there is not a standard HDD the faster dvd drive and unified architecture makes up for it.

Maddens Raiders4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

"Just to say this again, the above reasons for delay are PURE SPECULATION" -- wth

come on MK, this needs to be in the rumor section only if there was one. that title is ummmm wierd.

Stella4059d ago

The stupid 360 DVD can only use 7 GB. 1.5-2 GB or so are used for some completely pointless Microsoft DRM or security stuff.

"good compression technology"

Oh please. There is no 'secret' compression technology that only Microsoft knows about. Just stupid fanboy damage control over the gimped 360 storage.

To get an idea of what a nightmare the 360 is turning out to be for Rockstar just imagine what your day would be like if someone replaced the harddrive on your computer with the same size drive you had back in 2000.

barom4059d ago

Who is that?

"-Gamepro confirms that the Sanchez, and the PCJ are returning."

AngryTypingGuy4059d ago

Stella, don't blame this on the 360. First of all the article only speculated that they were having problems developing for the PS3, it didn't say for sure. But to try to turn it around and blame it on the 360 when many other games have been delayed for PS3 while remaining on schedule for the 360 is absurd.

You say that the 360 has been a nightmare for Rockstar. Is it Microsoft's fault that Rockstar had to borrow money? Don't think so. They're working with Microsoft so they can make more money, believe it or not. Just like Madden and every other game this generation, the 360 will sell more copies of GTA IV, and will make Rockstar very happy.

Fighter4059d ago

Those are motor vehicles from previous GTA games.

InMyOpinion4059d ago

Rockstar developed the Rage engine that GTA IV is built on with the 360 in mind. Table Tennis let them try it out and get familiar with the hardware. They knew what they were dealing with. We have already seen lots of delays for the PS3 when it comes to multi-titles, why should this be different. Your comment has no logic at all. If Blu-Ray is so important when making large games, how come there are no Blu-Ray exclusive games that are bigger than say Elder Scrolls: Oblivion? Both Lair and Heavenly Sword are completed at around 8 hours, why is that? Not enough space on the disc to make them bigger? I don't think so...

Snukadaman4059d ago

geez stella i really dont think you know what your talking about...if you knew the 360 is the lead platform and every demo every journalist, and every trailer that have been shown have been on the 360, you would realize that a ps3 version has not been seen.....lets please keep the topic on facts and not little child games kids...

Wii60_FTW4059d ago

you're as brain-dead as they come, fanboy.

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hardmetal4059d ago

Well, they are still speculations.

Hugh Hefner4059d ago

Rockstar stated numerous times that the PS3 version was behind in development when compared to the 360... sometimes they said months, and sometimes just weeks behind. However, we never got to see the PS3s version in motion, it was always the 360. Sony is lucky to have Rockstar as an ally, otherwise the 360 could have had a very powerful timed exclusive.

Barreldragon004059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

it was only behind for two weeks not 2 months. and i'm pretty sher that we only see it being played on the Xbox is because of the deal with Microsoft. i mean you spent 50 mill for some download able content don't you want to show that you have it every chance you get? i personally think the game just wasn't ready you barely saw anything of it except videos and demos behind closed doors. and finally this is just speculation on gamepros part their is also not wanting to compete with halo and thinking that the game just wasn't ready.

DeadIIIRed4059d ago

But if the Playstation 3 is the lead platform for the game, then how can it be behind the 360? I'm not a developer, but it's just common sense. R* has repeatedly stated that one of the issues they would face was fitting the game on one DVD-9. If the PS3 version is in fact behind, then the 360 version is right there behind it as well. Duh.

ukilnme4059d ago

Just out of curiosity, how do we know the PS3 was the lead platform? Was this confirmed by R* or is this speculation because GTA's roots are with the Playstation brand?

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reaferfore204059d ago

I want to be able to run over the Elvis train.


This game will bring up so many controversies it's ridiculous. Which in turn, will make it sell even more just like it did before. People don't understand, the more they complain about this game destroying our youth; the more kids want to play it. Which made me think a while back... What if parents could set their kids consoles to a certain rating level that restricted/censored certain parts of games to make them appropriate for kids? Then it would be the parents fault (as if it wasn't already) that their kids are playing adult oriented games.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?

jackdoe4059d ago

The PS3 problems are just speculation on the Gamepro author's part. The title is a bit misleading and may help to incite a flame war. Other than that, cool bits of info.

TheXgamerLive4059d ago

It's always the ps3 version, isn't it?

Also rumor, but there's still the possibility that the Xbox 360 version gets released in December and the others in February. (Timed Exclusive!!!) Ha Ha, I just made that one up:) But it would make some sence if they did.

Anyways, it's frickin GTA IV over here, c'mon, it's gonna be an insane ride.

jackdoe4059d ago

Not always dude. It could be the 360 version. Maybe the DVD can't fit all the information? Or maybe Rockstar needs more time to finish developing the Microsoft exclusive content to coincide with launch? Of course the PS3 problems are just as likely. I doubt it is either of those though and think that Rockstar never intended to release this year, but just announced an 07 release date to raise their falling stock prices.

Douchebaggery4059d ago

that Rock* never gave a reason for the delay, everyone as their on little theory motivated by their own bias.

personally i go with the simplest explanation-> the game is just not ready pure and simple

Rock* gave a release date over a year from completion, so them not hitting that date doesn't really surprise me

Kaze884059d ago

Even GTA san andreas was little bit too big on one dvd so they had to cut something out (sound and etc).
GTA IV looks far better in anyway and you all know that better graphics and details take more space. sure you can compress it and compress technology is getting better and better still its not quite enough.
I think that rockstar has had problems on developin on ps3 and on the x0 cause they have to fit it in one dvd. Really its hard to cut down something of your masterpiece if its working and running like a dream. "hmm not enough space, delete some cars and missions. still not enough, delete some animations and stuff...etc" Not so great =P

jackdoe4059d ago

That's it exactly Uh-What. Some people just don't get it.

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Whoooop4059d ago

I know you like to change tittles so you can get some numbers...
but those are only stupid speculations that we already know.

On top of that they are at the bottom of the article..

haha you can put a decent tittle once in a while or at least put something with more relevance to the article..

It shows the desperation of getting people to click on your find.

Whoooop4059d ago

Just read the article then comeback and read my post..

I love my PS3(before you start thinking I'm a 360 owner) and I enjoy MK_Red submits.. He usually change tittles, but this one was stupid IMO..


TheXgamerLive4059d ago

When he said WTF!, he was referring to the newest site , (world Titty federation), it's a must join website, lol, I'm only joking but ya know there probably already is a site called that:)

And it would fit perfectly in GTA IV.

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