Journey's First Trailer Debuts

PSBlog - "Hello hello hello! This is Kellee Santiago, and I am honoured to fulfill thatgamecompany‘s final wish for 2010 – to show you more Journey. You may have seen footage of Jenova and I on SPIKE’s special pre-VGA show last night — well, I have more for you. Below is our very first trailer to showcase some of the great things to come."

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Cloudberry2922d ago

Somehow reminds me of Team ICO's style games.

zdudynot2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

**** its class idea, should be better than flower, maybe?
Best PSN Game idea?

you'll need headphones on a good surround sound for this, plus have the curtains closed and your phone off

nix2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

i just hope this is not the PS3 exclusive game that was suppose to be announced... please.

i tried the flower... it was good.

nice trailer btw. looks like the early promo vids of Heavenly Sword. oh.. god only if they would bring out HS2. sigh!

EDIT: @below: thanks guys.

zdudynot2922d ago

it was announced a while ago mate, its online only too, just walking around on your journey getting messages from players from all over the world, about whats around the corner etc, you dont see anybody.
Its like demon souls, but more imaginative

Kain812922d ago

this is already announced, ant They talked about a Franchise, so it should be, a well known game i think...

Keith Olbermann2922d ago

One of my most anticipated games of 2011. Cant wait.

Triella2922d ago


No it's not like Demons Souls you won't be getting messages from other players neither will you be able to leave messages for them. You are alone on your journey and your goal is to reach that huge mountain with the light on top, to do so you'll have to find artefacts that will guide you. But while you're in the world you might encounter another player or two but you'll only have some preset gestures to communicate.

My guess is the developpers are trying to convey a deep sens of solitude to the player so that they will try to stick together with the first other player they encounter and this will lead to a great co-op experience.

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Nitrowolf22922d ago

idk whats it's about but i want it. Loved Flow and Flower

lastdual2922d ago

Yeah, it's rare when a trailer that doesn't give you much of any glimpse into the gameplay makes you want a game, but this one pulled it off. I'm a sucker for a unique atmosphere.

Nitrowolf22922d ago

I am too
It's just some what rare to see it this generation. Games like Okami interest me in the art style that is used.

Jaces2922d ago

I love games like these, it's just you and the world around you all alone adventuring to your mysterious final destination.

Relaxing and magical.

Ninver2922d ago

Looks like a classic blend of ICO and Flower, i love it already :)

Tilian2922d ago

Simply beautiful.

For 2011, this, ICO collection, and Last Guardian top my list. UC3 is not far behind!

Qui-Gon Jim2922d ago

They're doing the same thing they did with E3, i guess. Dominate the news early by releasing info before everyone else's info comes out.

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The story is too old to be commented.