Gaming Music FM: Episode 4 - Nier

Gaming Union has just released it's fourth episode of Gaming Music FM, a podcast about the music in games. This show focuses on the music from the game Nier. Gaming Union decsribes this show as:

"You requested it in LARGE numbers and Gaming Music FM is back this week to deliver it: our thoughts on Nier. Brian and Darryl are joined by the wonderfully musical Astharis as they discuss the ins and outs from one of the newest Square-Enix titles. The trio talks about what they liked and then they talk about what they LOVED! How highly do they recommend the soundtrack and in the end, what will the Maestro have to say about this very unique score? There’s only one way to find out. Join the group for this last episode of GMFM to send you out with a bang!"

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mephman3492d ago

Fantastic soundtrack, one of the best in a long time.

tweex3492d ago

Could not agree more. Beautiful female voice throughout the whole thing!

Selyah3492d ago

Gotta say I did love the music in Nier

JDouglasGU3491d ago

nier did have a great soundtrack