Hot Pursuit bests Gran Turismo's sales

E4G: EA have recently revealed that their reboot of the popular Need for Speed franchise has gotten off to a good start, sales wise, and has sold over 400,000 units in the US in November, the month of its release.

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aviator1892922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

GT 5 released a little closer to the end of November, about an entire week after hot pursuit was launched. And the title is a bit misleading as these sales of 400k are exclusive to the US.

I'm pretty sure the worldwide sales would paint a different story for these two games.

digitalivan2922d ago

I don't get it, why do they always ignore the rest of the world?

callahan092922d ago

Well let me say that I can think of tons of reasons why some individuals might like Hot Pursuit more than GT5, because the two games are VASTLY DIFFERENT experiences and styles, about as different as two games that focus on driving cars can get. But in terms of the reality of what Polyphony Digital has crafted, what that game disc offers and the sheer amount of content on board, you can't say that Hot Pursuit is the better game or the better buy. The real reason that so many critics are saying that, is because they're not educated in proper criticism. It's just sad to me how much over-criticism I have seen of GT5. Is the game perfect, no, absolutely not, but no game is, absolutely, literally no game is perfect. But the small flaws that have pretty much no bearing whatsoever on the actual gameplay, the actual racing around circuits gameplay, are magnified to ridiculous proportions in some critics' analysis of the game. See, critics didn't go in to GT5 looking to play it and determine whether fans of the genre would get their money's worth out of it. They went into it with "6 years development time and claims of perfection!" in mind and specifically looked for the flaws, some critics even attempted to convince people that they SHOULDN'T be fans of the genre, that somehow the genre itself that Gran Turismo inhabits is "wrong". I've seen it in numerous reviews. The criticism was baseless and unmerited, frankly.

RedDragan2922d ago

So this games has sold over 5.5 Million units?


And the US is pretty small compared to the rest of the world. I love the American propaganda... it is so funny because it is so stupid.


shouldnt there be some sort of filter...official numbers for november show that despite being released for FOUR days gt5 sold over 400k in usa and over 5.5 worldwide in twelve days

nfs sold 400k as a MULTI-PLATFORM game that had been out a couple weeks longer in usa not really any bragging rights...

thereapersson2922d ago

You complain about people "not playing either", but it appears that YOU are the one who is running their mouth without playing both games extensively, first.

Anarki2922d ago

I wont even read the article because I know they count 360+ps3 sales...

Nitrowolf22922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

"NFS Hot Pursuit is more critically acclaimed than GT5 too.
It's probably a better game, though you fanboys will find that hard to swallow.

See, the disagrees have begun. Pathetic. Most of you haven't played either."

you should word your comment better
Saying that most of us havn't played both of them and then you using the words "It's Probably a better game" isn't really saying much other then the fact that most can imply and logically is true due to the fact of your wording choice, that you have not played both of them yourself either.
you just contradicted yourself

I on the other hand have, both games are different. If i want an arcade game i play NFS

if i want a Sim game then i play GT5
both are different to me
and both are unique in their different ways



Red_Orange_Juice2922d ago

I dont care about US-only numbers

evilunklebud2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )


In 2009, the last year we have complete data, world wide sales of video games was $230B, of which the US was $112B.

This is data from Capcom,btw... not US propaganda ;)

disagrees..... you are entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.

Ame_No_Shiryuu2922d ago


Aahhh...I love it..., i wish more more people just like you.., you think exactly like me.., well said man..., well said...

ian722922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I have got both GT5 and NFS:HP. IMO GT5 is way better than NFS:HP, both are great games but GT5 has more to it. NFS:HP is just a basic (but fun to play) cop/racer game.

Lykon2922d ago

@ digitalivan because as a nation (generally) you could say it has narcissistic personality disorder

hiredhelp2922d ago

I don't get it, why do they always ignore the rest of the world? ....

(Im with you on this) the amount of sales figures im seeing on n4g and even the amazon links all go to america. does the world work around one country.

if you disagree please state your reason.if not then beleave you are plain ignorant.

kancerkid2922d ago

Well, that is one way to spin the sales number EA...

darthv722922d ago

I like that expansion of the NFS series. Got the original on PC back in the days of using D3D/3dfx. I still play Hot pursuit 2 on my PS2.

Looks like i will be shelving that in favor of HP:3.

ComboBreaker2922d ago

Very misleading because GT5 actually own Hot Pursuit in world wide sales.

L0G1C2922d ago

American propaganda? Quite the conspiracy theorist, I must say. This is the title of the article on an unknown site. Yeah, it's definitely all over CNN, MSNBC, CBS. You're an idiot.

Shepherd 2142922d ago

And i love how the rest of the world spells Dragon "Dragan" apparently.

I guess most places just uses the US for sales since the US is where the most gamers live. Sure theres plenty in Europe and Japan, but the largest variety of gamers can be found in the US. Sony, Nintendo, and MS products are pretty balanced there.

evrfighter2922d ago

ps3 fanboys got trolled.

lovin it.

smurfee2922d ago

Stop trolling, GT5 is far superior than NFS:HP.
Im kidding, your one of the only few intellegent non-fanboy members of n4g. Bubbles to you. And your right, there are far too many ps3 fanboys on this site.

Kon_Artist 2921d ago

Silly Fool.


RedDevils2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I wonder do US Government banned people from going or have any sort of contact to the outside world, Cause all I hear is Moron Ignore/thinking US Is the only place on Earth

EeJLP-2921d ago

Also to add... Hot Pursuit was between $35-39 almost everywhere on Black Friday, while GT5 was $59.

For example:
Target had Hot Pursuit for $35.00
BestBuy - $34.99
Kmart - $34.99

and the PC version was selling for $29.

visualb2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

"I don't get it, why do they always ignore the rest of the world?"

because...* http://www.thetruckersrepor... *

disclaimer - no offense to educated americans, this is a friendly jab, I know you aren't all geographically ignorant, but you educated folk will also acknowledge many of your brethren are

no hard feelings ;)

on a serious note - because its a big market, sometimes worth an article...the title is misleading

JD_Shadow2921d ago

Keep in mind, too, that Hot Pursuit is a multiplatform game, so you'll also have people buying it on the 360 as well as the PS3, and this is the only mainstream racing game that the 360 has on it's system this year. Of course it's going to sell a bit better when you consider the sales for all the systems that it appeared on.

@evrfighter: Glad to see that's the only thing you really care about seeing on N4G. It's no wonder you're only at one bubble with an attitude and comments like that!

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DigitalAnalog2922d ago

Pathetic. Now that IGN and Gamespot set the marking spots on Gran Turismo, the whole she-bang decided to rain upon their eternal hatred for SONY after miserable failing on K2, U2 and GOWIII.

-End of Line

Neckbear2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I find it amusing that you, as well as other fellows here, seem to think that it's a conspiracy of hatred and bashing against your glorious Sony.

It is not like that, silly.

DigitalAnalog2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I find it even more hilarious that you would consider Gaming Journalism to the equivalent of some secret organization trying to bring in New World Order.

There is no need for dramatic themes like conspiracy. Just plain


If smaller gaming blogs can have them, why not sites like IGN?

-End of Line

ComboBreaker2922d ago

"I find it amusing that you, as well as other fellows here, seem to think that it's a conspiracy of hatred and bashing against your glorious Sony.

It is not like that, silly."

Neckbear is in on the conspiracy too. He think that a few people living in their basement writing blogs and spreading FUD about GT5 is somehow going to stop the Juggernaut that is GT5.

GT5 sold 5.5 millions in 12 days, man. The FUD isn't working, dude.

DOMination2922d ago

FYI, gt5 has shipped 5.5 million. It's maybe sold about 1 million worldwide. If you go into ANY retailer they'll confirm this easily by saying how many copies are just sitting on shelves and not selling at all

Esena2922d ago


Maybe next time DOMination

RBLAZE19882922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Lol you go and survey every retailer for gt5 sales data? Wow that's a pretty incredible feat. Anyway it was reported that 400,000 or so copies were sold in spain alone. And that data is only from 6 days in november. And sony already reported 2.2 million sold in the first few days. You're an idiot for the statement that you made and you should leave the internet. Get out in the real world and learn some common sense.

Nitrowolf22922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

yup just one million have been sold, especially the first week days in EU
It was around 2-2.5
Japan sold over 400K and USA around 400K this all adds up to be just over 2million. That was just the first week

This makes me think how come you say any retailers will confirm that they are not selling at all, when we have numbers??????

ngecenk2922d ago

2.9-3 million sold by vgchartz!

Crystallis2922d ago

"""If you go into ANY retailer they'll confirm this easily by saying how many copies are just sitting on shelves and not selling at all""""

And that would make you sleep so well wouldnt it. For you it would be like sleeping on clouds with a big smile on your face. Do you really think anyone believes what you say? You are absolutely the dumbest troll on this website. If you going to troll at least try to troll with actual facts.

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2922d ago
Christopher2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

God, do I ever hate sales numbers more and more I'm here at N4G. Everyone uses them to sell their numbers without recognizing any of the differences.

For example, a game that's out for two weeks being compared to a game that was out for only one week in November.

LogicalFanboy2922d ago

i just love the damage controle on GT5's sales. why does everyone keep sayin it sipped 5million. Sony NEVER said that. they clearly said it SOLD!

people need to stop this shit now. what do u think, Sony gets their sales differently from everyone else?
Sony can say SOLD but ppl will say SHIPPED. other companies will say SOLD and ppl will say SOLD. WTF!!! dnt be mad cuz Sony reports impressive numbers

Christopher2922d ago

Actually, they clearly said shipped.

The news from those German sites are using the shipped numbers as sales inaccurately.

LogicalFanboy2922d ago

thats from a websit rewording Sony's officail press. why not try reading Sony;s words and not journalists

Christopher2922d ago

If you had read the Press Release, you would have noticed that their sales data is specifically shown as sales to retailers (sell-in data). If you just look at one part and not the part where they define what 'sales' means in reference to the release, then you're ignoring an important part of the release.

When talking to the public, Sony has specifically mentioned shipped andnot sales.

mugoldeneagle032922d ago

At my work (Best Buy) Hot Pursuit was apart of a $30 black friday deal, and I personally remember checking out at least 10-15 of them, so I bet they sold a shit ton just on that weekend alone.

GT5 will still outsell it in the long run easily though. Both games are fun as hell, definitely worth owning both

Enigma_20992922d ago

"GT 5 released a little closer to the end of November, about an entire week after hot pursuit was launched. And the title is a bit misleading as these sales of 400k are exclusive to the US."


You weren't supposed to let that get out!!![/sarcasm]

showtimefolks2922d ago

too many trolls with 5-6 bubbles and when i say something against the xbox360 once 2 bubbles gone lol

I said xbox360 need to have more 1st-2nd party studios and 2011 lineup needs to be better and boom there goes my bubbles

comparing this to GT5 is like comparing MLB THE SHOW to the crap 2K puts out every year

Gt5 will sell 15-20million copies believe that. has any game sold 20million yet this gen i believe GT5 will do the honor 5.5million GT5 sold

Jazz41082921d ago

If you think losing bubbles by being negative to the xbox is bad try saying something negative about the ps3. The site is likely 3 to 1 in favor of sony and if you have 5 bubbles you will go down to one. Btw I try to stay neutral but I do occasionally critisize a console and they deserve it I my opinion. I'm neutral to both sony and ms but prefer sony but own both but I will be called an xbox fanboy most of the time since I defend ms a lot because there is too much hate for a company that really in my opinion has done nothing more evil then sony. They are both about making money and we are on here defending them like they are gospel when they really just see us as a dollar sign.

OhMyGandhi2922d ago

I must of been the only one who rented Hot Pursuit and didn't care for it.

Jazz41082921d ago

I did not like hot pursuit but I also did not like any of the gt series so far or the forza series but they have a place for millions of gamers. I'm not a racing fan but kudos to sony for nice numbers WORLD WIDE.

likedamaster2922d ago

wasn't that much more and GT5 was a single platform. But for all that waiting and hype, it's a disappointing number. GT5 will still most-likely sell well.

punkpop1012921d ago

I'm pretty sure the artist is going to be a ps3 fanboy.

Gantrfaxx2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I do not know if they noticed but Hot Pursuit is a multiplatform title. So not only Ps3 owners are buying it. Somebody should tell them that it was supposed to sell more copies than GT5 and that it doesn't mean that Hot Pursuit is better or more popular than GT5.

avengers19782921d ago

Really GT5 has sold alot more than the multiplat, NFS:HS, but after playing both games I gotta say NFS has got the fun factor down.
I really like playing as the cops, and the autolog is actually pretty cool.
GT5 is to much of a hardcore sim for me, but I know alot of people love it, and with good reason the little I did play of GT5 was amazing visually, and there is so much depth.

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Lou-Cipher2922d ago

GT5 will go on to sell 12-15 Million Worldwide on one system. Need for Speed will be lucky to hit 4-5 Million on multiple platforms.

Another person ignoring everything outside of the United States again.

Nitrowolf22922d ago

The fact that NFS: HP is available on literally 4 platforms and been out a week earlier then GT5, not surprised. Look at WW sales that will end up prob. being a different story, and not only that but disect each version sales. 1 platform against 4?

Xusuyzus2922d ago

Flaimbait ,

Misleading title

Comparing 2 times as much sale time

comparing completely different genres - why don't you throw mario kart in it also,..

lame article

someone should report this shit...

rekof2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

AGREED,.. plus one title is on atleast 3 platforms I know of,..

krisq2922d ago

multiplatform vs. exclusive

spunnups2922d ago

Plus, it's Criterion. They make good games. Multiplatform or not, both of these Developers deserve great sales.

Lawliet2922d ago

Naw.. Hot Pursuit is considered an exclusive now to some parties.