UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Set For A Fall 2011 Release

While UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception was only announced less than 24 hours ago it's already available for pre-order at several retailers.

According to ( US ) gamers can expect the action, adventure, third-person shooter to release next fall with "award-winning storytelling and blockbuster cinematic action sequences" plus 2-12 online multiplayer.

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2872d ago
norman292872d ago

If ND can recreate and better Uncharted 2 then there's no question about it getting GOTY

NecrumSlavery2871d ago

I had to really think about it, but I finally decided that my most anticipated game of 2011 was inFAMOUS 2. Now UC3 is coming! WTF? Now I have to reassess the situation. God help us what other PS3 exclusives are coming.

Active Reload2871d ago

Ahh...Drake is so cool, isn't he?

Active Reload2871d ago

Why would KZ3 be game of the year? Whatever...If they can do what Naughty Dog did with Uncharted then I guess anything is possible.

Gamehead362871d ago

I don't know...twisted metal, socom 4 and resistance 3 are also good competitors =p

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Peppino72871d ago

Of course this is a day 1 purchase and it's set for a perfect holiday season release date. Can't wait for the trailer today!!!

KillerPwned2871d ago

If preordering off of Amazon i would wait a little bit it may come with credit sometime.

PS360PCROCKS2871d ago

don't you get it still if they add it later? i think you do...even if you don't, just cancel and re-preorder it. no biggie.

Qui-Gon Jim2871d ago

If you pre-order, you pay whatever the lowest price was during the time you had it ordered. I'm pretty sure that includes the credits toward future purchases, too, but am not positive about that.

Amazon also does 99 cent release day delivery on some titles. In fact, I pre-ordered UC3 yesterday with 99 cent release day deliver, but it looks like they ended that offer. If they did it once, they will probably do it again over the next year or so.

chidori6662871d ago

i hope for release of 2012 of uncharted 3

too many games already for 2011...

GoldPS32871d ago

Most of the games announced for 2011 will be push back to 2012 anyway. I think Resistance 3, Agent, and Last Guardian will come in 2012. Maybe Socom also. I don't think Sony is gonna put 4 shooters out in one year. I might be wrong. Just have to wait and see then.

TimeSkipLuffy2871d ago

I hope it will be released 2011. You still can play it 2012. But why should I Not Be able to enjoy it earlier?

KiLLUMiNATi_892871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Let the bragging begin. Another thing is I really think that couple ps3 exclusives will get push back because it's hard to believe all those games will come out 2011. Sony is just hyping us up.

Think about it if all them games come out in 2011 what the hell we going to have in 2012 until 12-21-12..... But in a good way I hope some of them great games get push back cause damn my pockets in 2011 will be hurting BIGGG TIME

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