NXT Gamer: Trials HD - Big Thrills DLC Review

NXT Gamer's Edd reviews Trials HD's latest DLC, Big Thrills...

"Big Thrills is the second DLC for million-selling XBLA game Trials HD, adding forty brand new levels of varying difficulty and six tournaments to the addictive and hair-pullingly frustrating game. Ten of the tracks were contest winning designs created by the fans, giving a wider exposure to some of the best the community has to offer.

At a mere 400 MSP, it's quite a bargain. Ranging through all five difficulties, the forty levels are far from repetitive, offering a wide array of concepts and designs - just like the main game, no two levels are the same. Sure, they might look similar, set inside the same warehouse or location, but they all play out uniquely. Sure, just like every other track in the game, there are jumps, loops, explosive hazards and all of that, but none of them are identical, which means they're all equally fun, and keeps you ploughing through them all to see what else the game can throw in your way."

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