WorthPlaying Review - Warhawk: 9/10

Sony should have in Warhawk a long-lived multiplayer hit to carry the console's online gaming until the long-awaited Killzone 2 is available.
Warhawk, lacking all single-player capabilities, is worth every bit of the full price for games of this console generation.

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MK_Red4149d ago

Another great review for this great game. "Lacking all single-player capabilities, is worth every bit of the full price" a multiplayer only game worth the full price and getting 9/10 is no small feat.

nasim4149d ago

It is even more addictive than an alcohol .

I recommend this to even people who dont have a ps3.

get a ps3 and indulge yourself into WOWHAWK addiction

DeZimatoR4149d ago

No, it can't be!

A 9/10 review for a PS3 game...wait, this wasn't supposed to be AAA!

Mart, where are you son?!

toolhead4life4149d ago

First and foremost, Warhawk is great fun, and deserves all of the accolades it's receiving right now. What I'd like to know is why do I keep seeing articles stating that it'll hold people off 'till Killzone 2? I'm looking forward to that one as much as anyone, but that's down the road sometime in 2008. It seems like Unreal Tournament 3 is nowhere on anyone's radar. This is the online game I'm most looking forward to, and it's coming out in November (not that far away).

snoop_dizzle4149d ago

i definetly enjoy this game. The only real downside is i have been disconnected from games a number of times.

SubZero4149d ago

I've heard this several times but have not seen it myself...I have about a hundred games under my belt with no crashes. Are alot of ppl having this problem.

Whoooop4149d ago

are you using a wireless connection???

tfur4149d ago

Warhawk is a beautiful game...

I love the volumetric clouds, the incredible looking water, and the really convincing camera shaking from incoming bombing... not to mention the beauty of the levels, the smoothness of game play, or the dynamic lighting of the turret SAM launches... The sounds or each and every weapon, along with the "background" war sounds, make the immersion so incredibly convincing...

The shear vastness of the game levels, make this game unbelievably deep. The balance of the game play between, being on foot, in the different turrets, in a tank or jeep or in a warhawk is a amazing.

Further, the 32 player ctf matches are phenomenal... When a few people get together on the mics, and use a little strategy, the game just becomes epic. Stealing and holding zones... Group tank assaults, with full jeeps, and foot solders in tow is amazing. Hopping out of a rolling jeep, and using your rpg to take down a warhawk or tank, just feels good.

Warhawk is THE online multiplayer game, in a league of its own...

A truly GREAT game...

Whoooop4149d ago

the game really is something!!

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The story is too old to be commented.