Gaming gifts for Christmas and how to convince your loved ones you need them

There are plenty of top new releases and peripherals lining the shelves ready for the Christmas spending spree. Megabits has decided to list a few of them and suggest how best to convince your loved ones that they won’t be wasting their money.

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capaldof2963d ago

Those Pac-Man oven gloves have just gone on my Christmas list. They are brilliant. They might even encourage me to actually do some cooking.

Ibwib2963d ago

I think my cat started sharpening her claws at first sight of the inflatable Mario Kart!

LovelyLara2963d ago

Love the pinball magic idea although i don’t think it will compare too my own 1950s pinball table but hey it’s convenient and i reckon my 4yr old niece would love playing it too. :-)

Bojeeva2963d ago

Reckon the LEGO Wiimote would be more fun than playing some of the shovelware on the Wii! For me, I'd go for the iPod pinball machine

Ibwib2963d ago

Pinball seems to be the breakout success of this list, I'd love that too.

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