Resolution: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom review

Resolution's Steve Peacock writes: Rarely has a game so clearly about the evils of pollution managed to be enjoyable to me. I have a very low threshold for preachy games, and when the topic is an ecological disaster it seems as though it’s going to be something you can’t really avoid. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, however, avoids this trap of sounding holier-than-thou and presents a charming, slightly different take on the whole thing, wrapping it up with a neat little quasi-Zelda bow.

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Knushwood Butt4974d ago

I like Game Republic, so was quite disappointed when I found the demo sucked.

Now that this has bombed along with Enslaved, it makes me glad I'm not a Bandai Namco shareholder.

At least Ninja Theory are being paid to ruin Devil May Cry (although it will be tough to do worse than DMC4). I don't know who has the guts to pay for Game Republic's next gig.

Venoxn4g4974d ago

I like this game and Enslaved too .. :)

dazreah4974d ago

Same would like to see more games like this but we live in a world where all ppl seem to buy are sport and FPS games :(

despair4974d ago

got this, Naruto UNS2 and Enslaved on Amazon deals, 3 namco games that I think are very good. Majin is not the greatest game in the world but I like the atmosphere of the world.

Raider694974d ago

This game is magic in so many ways!Dont miss.it if enjoy fantasy games like zelda,shadow of colosus,prince of persia,unslaved.....!

Knushwood Butt4974d ago

Almost all of the reviews have said the game is mediocre, and it HAS bombed.

My opinion of the demo remains: it sucked. I turned it off before finishing it, and then wiped it.

Shame, as I put a lot of time into Folks Soul.


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Rangerman120859d ago

Thought I was the only one who remembered Trinity lol very underrated

Yui_Suzumiya58d ago

WET and Quantum Theory were both phenomenal

P_Bomb58d ago

I remember Stranglehold! One of the first DLC packs of its time. A bit expensive, but cheap by today’s standards.

Chocoburger58d ago

Another PS3 hidden gems list, and yet again Time Crisis 4 and Time Crisis Razin' Storm get snubbed. Such fun games, that shouldn't be forgotten. If only we got a home port of Time Crisis 5: Mastermind Edition.

-Foxtrot57d ago

WET is something I wish they'd remake, they had so many great ideas but not all of them were executed properly

It had a lot of potential

Also Wanted Weapons of Fate is another game that had some new fun gameplay ideas.

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Kur04565d ago

I loved Folklore and this game was awesome. It had an ICO vibe to it. Its a shame the studio is no more =/.

HarryMasonHerpderp4565d ago

Seemed like a cool game when i played the demo
but man that troll thing annoyed me.Would of bought it
if they hadnt made him sound so dumb.