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WP: We've waited a half-decade for Gran Turismo 5, so you'll forgive race fans who have expected perfection in return for their patience. Now that the game is out, it's clear what the folks at Polyphony Digital spent their time on: picture-perfect re-creations of the world's finest cars, a reworked career mode, and little else. Though there are plenty of things to love about this extensive, exhaustive driving simulator, there are also plenty of little issues that add up to be a moderate headache. GT 5 is undoubtedly an amazing game, but it also stalls out on some key features.

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nix2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

"For instance, if you try and enter a race but don't have a qualifying car, there's no way to get the game to pull up a list of acceptable vehicles and let you simply buy one and go."

my biggest concern is that! i mean HOW COULD THEY MISS THAT? and i wish they had 'Shop', 'Tuning' button in every level.

otherwise the darn game is a BLASAAAAAAT!!! i play every night till 3 am.. and all i think about is 'which car should i buy or upgrade or maybe i should try this' during work. lol. q:

"'s just you and the open road, the game is poetry in motion."

yup. yup. yup!

mjcrow332922d ago

I agree it's great, but it did'nt make me forget about FM3 like everyone said it would. The whole qualifing car list thing is a problem but at least you can access your garage in the events to see if you have a car you can use.

onanie2922d ago

Perhaps you should provide a quote of someone saying GT5 will make you forget things. On the other hand, I frankly don't care what you remember (or otherwise).

mjcrow332919d ago

From what I remember all the GT5 nuthuggers were like"It's gonna be so great that FM3 won't matter". Quite a selective memory you Playstation girls have.BTW, that's a complete sentence up there. I'm impressed.