No 1080p games for PS3 this year, predicts Microsoft exec

Throwing cold water on Sony's talk of 1080p output for its PlayStation 3 console, Microsoft's Andre Vrignaud has warned consumers that the company's claims are nothing but hype.

In a post on his blog, Vrignaud - who is director of technical strategy for Xbox Live - argues that developers looking to create a game for the next generation consoles will be aiming for 720p in order to maximise compatibility between Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as ensuring compatibility with the majority of HD television sets.

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shoota335377d ago

Ms gets more jealous as the days go by. they should be concerned with they own dam features and stop hating on ps3 trying to downplay what ps3 has over thier lamebox 360.

Silent5377d ago

You tell them man...M$ is shaking in their boots as we get towards PS3.

M$ needs a CHANG3.

TheMART5377d ago

Oh yeah girly fanboys, that's why all games from PSZero are in 720p actually. I guess that's no one elses fear, I guess that was lying again from Sony when saying real HD began with 1080p

See them now. Wankers

bohemian 235377d ago

It's funny because phony seems to have negative comments any time 360 has something new to report. I wouldn't say to much considering not many people have had hands on time with the Gaystation 3. So before you go bashing another console you may want to play the one you speak so highly of you lame azz!

shoota335377d ago

Please give me links moron where does sony bash MS everytime the have something new to report.Ms is scared of sony thats why they bash any and everything about ps3.They are scared that the ps3's features are going to be popular so they bash it or copy it such as eye toy,1080p,pathetic hd dvd add on,motion sensing controller nuff said.

Thugbot1875377d ago (Edited 5377d ago )

Put Sony and Microsoft aside for one moment and look around you at other things. 1 being the market of TV’s. HD TV’s only have 8 to 11% market penetration. What does that mean? Most people don’t even own an HD TV. The 8 to 11% most own an HD TV that’s 720p or less. So what does that tell you? Most people don’t have 1080p and don’t care about it. Let’s look at HDMI its digital yes but the reviewers of home entertainment equipment are saying most people won’t see a difference from HDMI to Component (Which is no diss on Sony but fact). Next if people have the old TV’S why do they need HDMI, it’s over kill and the TV doesn't support it. Next Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, output quality for HD not standard TV’s, so please again tell me why we need them? I think before we buy into this hype most of us need to get HD TV’s. Sony is betting that if they can push the PS3 they can push users adopting a Blu-Ray which will give Sony royalty money. Microsoft is going based on how long in the past it’s taken new Technologies to take hold in the consumer market, and around 2011 most homes will have HD TV’s because the cost will be down and the next Xbox will be out. Who knows 1080p could be old news by then. Look at all the people who got the first HD TV’s at 480p (those people paid the cost of getting a 1080p HD TV now then. Not to say they didn’t even get to view that many items in HD, so the TV was a bit of a waste.) Be smart just cause Sony says you need it doesn’t mean you do, that’s all Microsoft is saying.

truth735377d ago

what about chump box 360

Game God5377d ago

All I want is a gaming system to play games. I don't want a freakin Blu-Ray drive that will only go 1-2X speed. Then you wont be able to use most of the capabilities of the system for a couple of years. I want to choose my own player and refuse to pay the enormous price to PLAY GAMES. This is not a game system, its a company trying to push its products on us and people are going to buy it "just because".

TheMART5377d ago

Like just was said 1080p TV's, right. Said enough about 1080p

And furthermore, again: no single game (besides a demo of GT4 HD smugged up PS2 version) is running in 1080p. All in the non real HD 720p like Sony should have to state when calling 1080p only real HD

Fony Freaking Fanboys have just again been raped by Sony for paying for potential that you'll never get. Just with PS2 that would be the best graphical choice and had an emotion engine. Well Dreamcast and XBOX kicked it's but on graphics and the emotion engine only made me cry.

Just lies lies lies

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bohemian 235377d ago

Marketplace,achievments, motion sensing controller a week before E3. Your right Sony is completely original. I also love all the links you've added to prove your point if you ever read any articles on this website you can clearly see Sony does the same thing I could give a rats azz who wins the silly console war I'm happy with my 360 I hope Sony does do well so the competition to makes great games exists. You need to learn to keep your co-k holster shut until you know what your talking about. Like I said jack azz your playstion 3 isn't out yet so I'll leave it at that chomo!!!!!!!

Bill Gates5377d ago

yeah i'm sure you

"could give a rats azz who wins the silly console war"

don't be so jelous kid..just welcome CHANG3....hahahaha

Ken told you a long time ago to start saving your money for a PS3 because it was going to be worth the wait....but went ahead and "jumped in",...and now you're regreting it..hahahaha

shoota335377d ago

If your happy with your bum @ss console than go play it @sshole.

TheMART5377d ago

Last time we waited on a console said by Sony, the PS2, we got all raped for the lies on best graphics, TFLOPS and emotion engine. Dreamcast and XBOX were better consoles.

The story is repeating itself. But this time it's strange there are still fanboys that didn't have any learning curve.

Most probably just brainless then

Bill Gates5377d ago

M$ is running around like a chicken with its head cut off....heads are gonna roll in that company.

talk about feeling the preasure...hahaha

specialguest5377d ago (Edited 5377d ago )

this is a dumb article. this year after the ps3 launch, there's only 1 1/2 months left until the year is over. the MS execs make it seem like it's really a terrible thing. this sounds really deperate on the MS exec side.