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N4GAddict3504d ago

I can't believe they messed it up this badly

sayonara893504d ago

Squarefost - awesome games

Square-Enix - medicore/decent/good at best games :(

pixelsword3504d ago


They probably pushed it back because they're planning a 360 version; which means they are chopping enough to "make a full game" again, and probably towns with three houses each.

Mediocrity confirmed.

thor3504d ago


Well actually the last FF game developed by Square was FFX-2 which sucked. So I think it was going downhill before the merger (though could just be an anomaly).

rroded3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

so cancelled...

dont hold your breath for this or any kind of decent fix imo the games beyond salvage

sad sqeenix sucks for killing square wada should be fired... anyone still holding out hope for ff13 vs is more optimistic than i

Blacktric3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Wow. They released a messed up game and screwed the early adopters and now they're saying;

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Dragun6193504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Well, SE restructured the team and their placed main priority to take all the feedback from the beta and include it to the Game. Then release the PS3 Version with all the Updates.
It Sounds like a good start to get FFXIV back on track.

With the PS3 version delayed and SE marketing team. I bet SE will probably put in like a FFXIII Versus Demo with FFXIV to help it sell.

Kalowest3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

This is more then good, hopefully they'll fix everything, that has pissed of players, Fans, and critics.

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Pain3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

I blame that tool for Everything..

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Mystogan3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

just announce it to be f2p already

thats what happens nowadays,when a game doesn't do well. see champions online.

not interested in this game though...waiting for Blade and Soul and Guild Wars 2 for Xbox 360,Meanwhile i also expect champions online to hit Xbox 360 in 2011 since their going f2p and they already developed a 360 version.

N4GAddict3504d ago

That would be a step in the right direction.

despair3503d ago

you do realise F2P is not actually free right? I mean with all the micro-transactions they offer and usually is required if you want to get anything from the game it really adds up sometimes to more than a monthly fee.

Mystogan3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

All MMO's on consoles should be b2p...its the right thing to do as most console owners don't like to pay monthly fee's especially 360 owners.

Give me one good reason why it would be a good thing for it to be p2p,other then that the developers get more money.
Look at Guild Wars 2 it is poised to be the Greatest MMO ever and you know what? its buy2play..exactly you buy it and you Monthly fee no BS.

edit: I meant buy2play btw

The weather is fine,i Heard that NCsoft confirmed GW2 and Blade and Soul for both consoles in the real world.

And i know that the 360 Version of CO was cancelled but that was because it was subscription based but now that its gonna be F2P in 2011 chances are that it is gonna be revived. I don't think they would want to trow so much work they said that it was ready and that MS was just being difficult, so now that its gonna be f2p it shouldn't be a problem to get it on 360.

Chris3993504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

They've had it since 2007 or so. And MS' closed online also poses an issue. Champions online for the 360 was cancelled too.

How's the weather in Fantasy Land today?

Edit: In case you haven't noticed, MS' new market push is on Kinect. Not F2P MMOs. Age of Conan, Champions, APD all CANCELLED. Note that Kingdom Under Fire 2 is now on the PS3 on account of Sony's more accommodating network.

The MP component of that game is also non-subscription based.

jneul3504d ago


Chris3993504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

And yeah jneul, it's probably Guild Wars 2. I still see MS' network posing an issue with this, as they'll need entirely different servers and update schedules, plus a percentage of their user-base is lacking a hard-drive.

Edit: Did you even read what you linked?

"But now, comments from Microsoft’s Stephen McGill seem to suggest the company might be opening its mind to new ideas – and while more traditional hardcore MMOs wouldn’t work, the casual games market is worth looking at for inspiration, he said."



My point about Kingdom Under Fire 2 is that it's development is causing headaches for the team on account of MS' closed infastructure.


It's also supposed to ship at about 20 gigs. How many DVDs will that ship on, do you think? Compression is great, but a 360 isn't like a traditional PC in terms of installing things (compression to expansion on a hard-drive), it just does a 1:1 copy.

ingiomar3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Nobody said anything about Marketing pushes
We are talking about MMO's here and you start talking about kinect marketing?

MS said that non-subscription based MMO's could happen on the 360.

Subscription based models don't make sense on Xbox 360

also Kingdom under fire 2 will also come to the 360 so whats the point your trying to make?
and APB was also planned for the PS3, so whats the point your trying to make again?

your obviously a ps3 fanboy who doesn't want MS and the 360 to do good and are trying to downplay people who believe in them so you can feel good about yourself.

its obviously not working so you start making some shit up about marketing and kinect which have nothing to do with what Mystogan was trying to say.

Chris3993504d ago

I'm just a realist. You're setting yourself up for disappointment if you think the 360 will be an MMO machine this gen. Their closed network and dicey storage solutions pose an issue.

Next gen, maybe, but the dice have been rolled and MS is pursuing the casual market at present. Even the story that you linked confirms this direction. No hardcore, tradional MMOs, but social ones. I don't need to justify any console purchase to myself as I've had, and enjoyed at certain points, them all.

Sony is the only one of the three that is actively courting and pursing MMO content on their machine. The 360 got XI simply because it was out first. Since then, it's had Shadowrun and everything else has been cancelled.

Reality check.

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Caffo013504d ago

almost all f2p MMO suck..and making FFXIV f2p would be a huge mistake on SE part...
All the ppl who play MMOs understand why it's necessary to pay a fee.
If you disagree with me it's clear you aren't into MMOs.

Arknight3504d ago

I find it funny that someone with a 360 would complain about paying a monthly fee to play something online.

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Kalowest3504d ago

Damn was FFXIV that much of a F'up

Ps_alm3k3504d ago

yes!, I am a ff fan and that was a disaster!
I tried my best not to troll or bash that game, but!
I just couldn't . I saw so many flawed design, Lag, copy and paste level design. No kind of ushering in new players. Square needs to fire somebody.

Azianphil883504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

pushing back is in my opinion a win win situation for SE and Sony
only the fans would be disappointed i think
since theres negative review for FF14 SE can make a better version on the PS3 and have anyone see Sony's PS3 lineup for 2011 its too crowded and postponing some games would help sells

JAMurida3504d ago

I agree. As a FFXI 3-4 year player, I want to start playing FFXIV now, but I don't want to have to deal with issues the game has now. Not to mention, there is a fucking straight killer list of games in 2011. I'll be PLENTY busy until FFXIV comes. When it comes to MMOs/Online RPGs though, I think White Knight Chronicles 2 with do just fine for now, (if it ever gets a US/EU release).

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