EA vs Activision: NPD Sales of 2010

It seems that in this generation of videogame, we are now cheering for EA and hating Activision for its corporate handle of games, but EA has an agenda with Activision, EA recently declared that they will surpass Call of Duty in making a better game, so let´s see if that is even remotly possible.

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Shackdaddy8362870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

So now 8,2596,000 is a number? Or is it 8,259,600?

They also didn't count PC for BC2 which would probably make EA sales greater than Activision. Either that or they didnt post it which would just be plain sloppy.

Saryk2870d ago

I would take those numbers with a grain of salt.

mobijoker2869d ago

EA is creating some great franchises this gen.But i think they will win in next gen.Bcoz activision or more appropriately Blizzard will beat them with WoW,SC,Diablo 3 and CoD.EA's best bet will be Mass effect,dragon age,Old republic,Battlefield and sports games.