WorthPlaying: The Sims 3 DS Review

WorthPlaying: "All these years we've known The Sims, and it's still impossible to put your finger on what makes this franchise so great. When you try to explain the series to outsiders and you tell them about how you have to feed and bathe your Sims while also making sure they go to work, get plenty of rest and make lots of friends, people look at you like you're stupid. Why go to all this trouble for virtual people when it sounds suspiciously like what most of us do every single day of our lives? Whatever it is that makes the formula so addictive returns once more for The Sims 3 for the Nintendo DS. While the handheld version is a bit watered down from its PC and console brethren, it's still good enough to hook you in and make you while away the hours taking care of a virtual friend's hygiene while neglecting your own."

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Bereaver2959d ago

I would have read that as 3DS if I didn't take a second look.

I was really about to freak out.