Rumor: How Dylan Jobe Averted Disaster and Saved Warhawk

A former employee of Incognito Inc. sheds light on just how dire the situation was after many of its workers left to form a new gaming studio, Eat, Sleep, Play. Amazingly, only 6 remained behind to finish the game and keep Incognito alive.

"Starting about 8 months ago the entire art staff and almost all of the programmers, (including every single network programmer,) walked out of Incognito. Scott Campbell took about 12-15 people and started Eat, Sleep, Play, and the rest, (about 30 people,) went primarily to Salt Lake City's Disney Studio. As of today the only people left at Incognito are Dylan Jobe, Bruce Woodward, Evan Christiansen, Lars Devore, John Crocker, and Nate Robins. Three are programmers and two are animators. Kirk Baum, the lead network programmer walked out about one week before they went gold. About a year ago there were close to 70 employees there. As you could guess, they have a significant problem on their hands."

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cloud3604246d ago

Huh am kinda stupid. and this is so confusing...

What the hell are they talking about and so sudden and whats goin on

Meus Renaissance4246d ago

Then I hope Eat, Sleep, Play or whatever it's called dies. I can't believe they'd walk out on this project in their droves. Was there some kind of disease in the office or something?

SofaKingReetodded4246d ago

devs we're paid off by MS, does MS know no shame?

4246d ago
SofaKingReetodded4246d ago

Just admit that Bill Gates is the devil's child and the PS3 is baby jesus , ok?

I mean let's start making sense here.

scheme_a4246d ago

Eat, Sleep, Play is a company formed by former Incog staff and David Jaffe, the director of God of War, and they are creating PSN Downloadable Games right now.
So I'm guessing MS is not involved in anyway for this.

LeShin4246d ago

It's a shame, but looking at how great Warhawk is and the recognition Incognito is going to get from this game, they should see staff flock to them! They deserve it as Warhawk is truly brilliant.

Rowe4246d ago

i feel sorry for those 6 guys, the number of people complaining and the pressure to get it all fixed must have made it incredibly hard, i think we should be saluting them for keeping everything going and at the same time fixing it

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The story is too old to be commented.