Battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD fizzles as consumers watch and wait

There's a format war going on, in case you've not turned on the TV, surfed the Internet, or stepped into a consumer electronics retailer for the past year and a half. But some news that has emerged from a couple of trade shows this week shows that the "war" is more like a slap-fight between a couple of preadolescent girls: it holds great significance to the parties involved and may be slightly entertaining to watch, but it does very little lasting damage.

Over the last couple of days, the North American HD DVD Promotional Group has sent out press releases trumpeting the format's momentum. HD DVD is going to start advertising on NBC's Sunday Night Football and will soon have 125 new HD DVD titles available. The trade group has also convinced PC manufacturer Acer to join and is highlighting a new Acer laptop (the Aspire 5920) with an HD DVD drive at this week's CEDIA EXPO 2007...

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Ggame4063d ago

Data Source from TOSHIBA....555

cuco334062d ago

many studies have been done and the consumer who hasn't jumped into HDM has favored HD DVD 3:1.

I would like to mention a Sony PR guy at CEDIA this week showed Sony's "dominance" for the month of July (prior to Paramount/Dreamworks move and Amazon's crazy deals both pro HD DVD). His charts actually showed a decline in overall HDM purchasing. It's no longer 5%, nor 3%. So for those Sonyboys, note that Sony themselves showed the overall HDM market is now 1%.

Congradulations. You showed "dominance" of 2:1 sales advantage of a total 1%. 1%. So, who doesn't believe me this 'war' will go on for many MANY years to come?! ;)

nasim4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

@cuckoo ...u bast*** BOT . go troll elsewhere

HD DVD is dead in EU and JAPAN

BD is beating HD DVD 9:1 in EU and 8:1 in JAPAN

BD is beating HD DVD 3:1 in NA too

How come this misleading article is not pulled off

and it comes from arsenetica ---a site run by former MS employees

cuco334061d ago

1. get a life
2. stop going on BD & PS3 favored websites
3. make an unbiased opinion based on the real facts and not what your brand loyalistic ways thinks you to believe because your numbers you stated alone are off by a large margin

Xwow4063d ago

you are right,blu-ray will win no matter what :D

SorenK4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

I wish I could be so confident, if I knew for 100% fact that blu-ray would win I would buy a PS3 - soley for the fact that it is a movie player (instead of waiting for it to be "the machine that plays FF13 and MGS4).

Daxx4062d ago

I'm apart of the 51% that doesn't know. Also I don't really care who wins.

Rageanitus4062d ago

1) blu-ray wins
2) dual format players

I just can't picture hd-dvd winning anymore

Disney Sony Studios, and warner combined helped push the dvd format as we know it today. And they are on the blu-side.

If universal were to go dual format, blu-ray will win.

I saw one of those lg dual format players it it said super BLU.... on it not BLUE

Meaning the blu name is important to lg.

the ball is in the court of BDA, they just have to market it correctly.

cuco334062d ago

How misinformed we are... I think a lot of you Bluguys need to step away from ps3 favored websites/blogs/forums cuz it's evident on your posting. I will agree on you that dual format players will reign supreme. Eventually the masses will want to take part of HDM and since this 'war' will go on for a long time, dual format or not adopting HDM is the only smart choices.

Disney is on the blu side due to them wanting region coding (same goes for the 'advantageous' antipiracy). Sony studios, well... it's Sony studios, I doubt they would release HD films on the competitions side. Warner is NEUTRAL, they release titles on both sides.

You know how many times in the HDM world those interested have heard the ultimate demise of HD DVD? It was at the launch of PS3 (didn't happen), it was when BD oversold software by 7:1 in a given week (didn't happen), it was when PS3 had a pricedrop (didn't happen), it was when Warner/Paramount/Dreamworks and others went neutral (didn't happen), it was when BD exclusive studios went exclusive (didn't happen), etc etc yet the maximum 'damage' that the BDA can do on HD DVD is have a 1.5:1 software sales since inception. Oh, based on Sony's numbers thats out of 1% total HDM sales. Pathetic if you ask me ;)

The LG player (new one) says Super Blu Player, it plays all current formats. This will be the norm that people will start to adopt.

As for you mentioning the ball is in the court of BDA, guess what... HD DVD should have been long dead by now. BDA and Sony don't know how to properly market their precious format and the way things are going the consumer isn't going to adopt either. I say bring on dual format players, it's clear the consumer wants 1 format and based on studies it's HD DVD, but the total player base is 10x in favor of BD. In the end, just remember, based on your precious Sony, @ CEDIA they accidentally mentioned HDM takes up a max 1% of all movie titles sold.

I don't want to see BD and HD DVD go down, and by having 1 format win means the other will have drained it's bank accounts out. The smart choice is HD DVD (cheaper players, cheaper costs to studios, finalized format, etc etc) but this will end in a stalemate. I believe if no one takes advantage by XMAS07, you'll see by Summer08 dual format players being the norm.

But so much for the BDA thinking the PS3 would be the BD spearhead that would crush HD DVD huh ;)

Rageanitus4062d ago

DVD took a full 8 full years to mature

This will happen to HD media.

My point is hd-dvd does not seem to even stand a chance to reign supreme and pushing blu-ray aside.

The best thing that can happen to hd-dvd is if the market were to change into a dual format players only.

We we so much more electronic companies actually producing and creating blu-ray dedicated players vs hd-dvd, this is sign coupled with strong studio support, blu-ray seems better

4me24062d ago

I think you forget that HD-DVD:
- debuted 6 months ahead of BD
- Toshiba's HD players were priced much lower than BD
- Picture quality of released HD movies was much better than BD

Shouldn't HD be crushing BD by now?
How long do you think Toshiba can subsidize their own players?

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