Anime classics that should be video games

In the past, anime video game tie-ins were few and far between outside of Japan. These days, animes that simply stand out are often times given a video game (and/or card game) tie-in. Just this year alone gaming titles have come out for Yu-Gi-Oh!, DragonBall and Naruto. These anime titles, while trendy and popular, aren't the kind of titles that would be found on this list. Looking back at some of the titles that have come out and stood out over the last couple of decades, there are a few that never got such treatment even though video game tie-in products might have been a perfect fit for them.

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Myst2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Another Ghost in the shell game would be nice :3

edit - Hmm I wonder if I should take it back. Manga was a classic, not to sure about the anime.

SactoGamer2868d ago

I think there already is/was a GotS video game.

Myst2868d ago

Oh there are, PSP and PS2 versions as well as a PSX one. I was just asking for another lol.

scar202868d ago

Thundercats enough said.