Late to the Party: Knights of the Old Republic

New England Gamer takes a look back at Bioware's Star Wars opus, Knights of the Old Republic. Has this classic RPG bested the test of time, or have the past seven years seen any rust form on the starship? Follow the link to watch the video!

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Kran2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

This game was amazing at the time :D One of THE best games on the original Xbox. Better than Mass Effect!

xxxprettiboyxxx2872d ago

I'm not gonna lie all I want is them to remake this game with hd graphics

And then possibly continuing the series not in mmo style

stewie328872872d ago

I actually agree with this. I usually dislike remaking games (especially turning 2D games into 3D ones) but I do think Kotor could benefit from a bit of a graphical and technical reworking. Just a smoothing out of rough edges, you know?

Kran2872d ago

I just hope TOR will be great!

But id like them to make a KOTOR 3 or remake this game.

mobijoker2872d ago

Bioware plz remaster the game and give us a sequel to jade.

stewie328872872d ago

I doubt we'll see anything else from Jade Empire, at least not for awhile. It's a great game but it isn't as well known and Bioware clearly has their focus set on Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

A sequel would be nice though, even if it's my least favorite Bioware property.

thesithfreak2872d ago

knights of the old republic and shenmue are the best games i've ever played. no bioware game is as immersive as KoTOR.