Failtrocity - Episode #1 Call of Duty: Black Ops

E4G: Top 5 fails of submitted clips in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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dkblackhawk503497d ago

lol wow I would be pissed at the sam turret.

jriquelme_paraguay3497d ago

haha... funny.. here are some more videos from me and my friends..
some funny, others FAILS


BiggCMan3497d ago

First one shows how bad the hit detection is in this game.

BX813497d ago

Excellent point! This games HD is shitty! Last night I knifed a guy in the back with no kill (big surprise). Then he turned around knifed me in the face and nothing happened. Then someone across the map kill me.

ambientFLIER3496d ago

It's called lag, not hit detection.

CovertGunman3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Not too shabby for the first episode. Wouldn't mind seeing a few changes though. :)

alex33693497d ago

good video but his voice was fricken annoying!

Bass_fisherman3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

cut some slack will ya he´s clearly german or something.

look at the governor of california (i know he´s not german) and think how much time he took to improve his english over the years. Its hard to understand english when your own language as a completly diferent tone of communication.

@below (reply) - yeah and thank you for clearing that up.

alex33693497d ago

yea i know just saying. btw the governer is austrian which they speak german also. (im german btw) but yes i understand he is trying so thats why i said it was a good video.

BX813497d ago

No slack for this guy. If you want to improve the fail episodes put someone in there with personality! Toss the headshot guy in there!

SixZeroFour3497d ago

sounded like he was in hiding or something, lmao...i swear hes trying not to be loud or something

Bass_fisherman3497d ago

Call of Duty games are so amusing for this kinda stuff.
I mean failing at a fail of a game its pure fail xD