Uncharted 3-Rewind Theater: Debut Teaser

IGN: Think there was nothing in that 35-second trailer? Think again.

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SMOK3xFFx2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

*Trailer starts* "All men dream, but not equally" *Trailer ends*

There sure was a lot of stuff in that 35 seconds damn!

EDIT: @Dirty Beaver
You missed out big time on AC: Brotherhood

Nitrowolf22867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Wow a 35 second clip turned into 8 Minute.
This is awesome learned a lot from it.

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Christopher2867d ago

Actually, combining some points that they elucidated on with what I've gleamed just from the one open journal, I could talk for a good half hour on this trailer in video format :p

They really provided a ton of detail in the trailer, more than most understand in a single viewing.

PshycoNinja2867d ago

Is there a Youtube link?
My school computers block IGN, but for some reason not youtube.

Christopher2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

They did a good job and got a few items I didn't. I'm extremely surprised they didn't look into the symbology used in the journal.

I know it's advertising, but check my blog for an overview of some of the symbols. I also point out what I believe the item they find in the city is as well based on the symbology being used, which I won't mention here just in case people don't want to know. But, given the setting, the traditional mysticism of arabia, and the typical concept with the Uncharted games, I think my current idea is pretty much a given. Especially after having seen the markings in the journal shown.

Also, the gun isn't the magnum, it's the Wes-44, which is Sully's preferred weapon

modest-genius2867d ago

I couldn't believe that didn't reference Sully with that gun.

Quagmire2867d ago

"All men dream, but not equally"

Uncharted 3: Drake's Inception, perhaps?

FACTUAL evidence2867d ago

I just want this with my resistance 3, with my lpb2, with my Twisted metal, with my infamous 2, with my lost guardian, with my killzone 3, with my......oops sorry got lost in thought...gotta little too carried away.

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Ninver2867d ago

I see IGNorant is back to riding another major ps3 exclusives d*ck. Uncharted 3 will rape the competition along with the rest of the AAA ps3 exclusive lineup. I haven't bought a single multiplat game since Fifa11 and that's gotta say a lot. One can just live off ps3 exclusives for a whole year and be ultimately satisfied.

2011: the year Sony made third party devs lose fanbase lol.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2867d ago

I share your statement about the PS3 line-up being solid.
I have to say though if you like a game support it, it don't matter if you believe in 1st/3rd development , just support it. Plus games like RDR , AC, and ME2 (comming up) are definitely worth the coin.

clintos592867d ago

Yeah I cant wait until they review this game. Wanna see them give it a 4 & look stupid when other reviews give it 9's & 10's.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

GOTY Contender.

Also a lot of people saw that in Uncharted 2 before it was released.

Uncharted games are pure quality, Gamers appreciate this.

Will raise the bar again for the gaming and in the same Console.

kaveti66162867d ago

I'm glad there are developers out there where I don't even feel any doubt that their games are going to be great. I don't worry about them messing up. There are few developers that I think of that way. Naughty Dog is one of them and another is Valve.

beavis4play2867d ago

it isn't just UC games that are "pure quality"..........naughty dog is pure quality as a developer too!

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