Clearing Up When X-Men Gets Here And What It Costs

Here's an article clarifying the "exclusivity deal" for the upcoming X-men downloadable game.

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ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3941d ago

I just can't understand why pay a timed exclusively in the first place? Since I haven't done this myself , but can't a PSN user just create a account in those regions and purchase it, with say a psn card for that territory?

Spitfire_Riggz3941d ago

I really agree with a comment I read on the website "Why not just make it 6 player local? The PS3 supports up to 7 controllers. Thats the most useless feature of the PS3, more useless than the six axis" Seriously, why dont devs take advantage of this?? Imagine it, you could throw one sweet party.

Myst3941d ago

Oh it was just for Europe that's kind of saddening, but cool that I now know it comes out next week.

Octo13941d ago

Europeans can just always make a North American PSN account, put in enough cash in the NA account to cover $10 and you have the game. Not really all that much trouble IF you really want the game that bad.

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