Achievements, Valve, and the Gamification of Advertising - Bits 'n' Bytes

Valve’s new promotional ad campaign, The Great Steam Treasure Hunt may seem like a novel way of bringing game sales to people, but is there more going on there? A look at psychological practices to sell products to consumers, the gamification of advertising, achievement points, and a plea to Valve to stay “good.”

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Matthew942959d ago

although fun looking im spening NO cash on this sale

i spent way too much money on the last one

Pandamobile2959d ago

Valve is using player's lust for items and achievements to promote the sale of small-time indie games.

I wouldn't exactly call that 'evil'.

NathanLands2959d ago

Seems like they're using a lot of concepts from Gamification, rightfully so since they're one of the pillars of traditional gaming:P We setup a wiki at that I think people interested in this topic will enjoy. We discuss how we believe Gamify Designers are the Game Designers of the future.