A Survivor Is Born: The New Lara Croft

Global Brand Director Karl Stewart and Art Director Brian Horton address the iconography of Lara Croft and how they hope the new look will help once again make her a culturally relevant hero.

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jc485733494d ago

I've been staring at her eyes for quite some time

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xAlmostPro3493d ago

sony should purchase crystal dynamics & make them 1st party devs ;) They would give them enough freedom & tools to re-boot tomb raider in the best & most high quality way :P

Don't get me wrong i know it won't/wouldn't happen as it would probably conflict with uncharted, but it would be cool to say the least.

Anyways im sure crystal dynamics will make a great tomb raider game anyway, they're defo putting alot of work in.

tablav3493d ago

Is it just me, or have the designers just taken Lara and given her the Nathan Drake treatment, because he's more popular now? Not that I'm's actually refreshing to see a reboot design which looks quite good...I like it...

xYokox3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

'He' isn't. The games are.

Guess this is a prime example of that eye of the beholder saying.. First people compare a tps with a puzzle/exploration adventure game, then this. Besides, this is nothing but artwork.

And, if anything it's obvious Eidos are going in the exact opposite direction, in every possible way.

tablav3493d ago

Good point, it is obviously the games that speak, not the characters.

As for it only being artwork, i agree. But considering the concept artwork is designed to reflect the feel of the upcoming game, I think it'd be naive to discount it.

The Matrix3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I cannot stop looking at my Game Informer cover. The piercing eyes, soft lips and humanizing scars. What a thing of beauty. http://www.videogamesblogge...

Dsnyder3493d ago

Nice pre rendered screens. No multiplat game will ever have a face that realistic. Not even heavy rain looks that good. But yeah, tomb raider should just quit the gaming scene and go into CG porn since they are this good at making fake women. Lara croft has teased us long enough.

jc485733493d ago

why didn't they do that in the first place? or were they really lazy all this time to make a realistic looking Lara?

Mastodon3492d ago

Because CD has always been about gameplay - Lara Croft has always had a good look, however as CD has stated too many times after taking a look at how Uncharted took the Tomb Raider idea and ran with it in more mature directions, they felt the need to begin crafted something on-par with UC2. The only area they really needed to improve was visually, gameplay wise ever since they took over for CORE the games have played ridiculously well.

ambientFLIER3493d ago

She better look like this: , otherwise the fans won't buy.

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