NPD: Wii 1.27 million sold, PS3 530k sold

Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360, helped by its Kinect motion-capture controller, was the best-selling video-game console in the U.S. for the sixth consecutive month, the company said.

The Redmond, Washington-based software company sold 1.37 million Xbox consoles in November, David Dennis, group product manager with Xbox, said today citing statistics from researcher NPD Group Inc.

Nintendo Co.’s Wii sales gained 0.8 percent to 1.27 million units, the company said separately. Sony Corp.’s PS3 sales fell 25 percent to 530,000 units from a year earlier, when the company cut prices, Morgan Stanley said, citing NPD data.

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SMOK3xFFx2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

But GT5 is a system seller! It is I tell you! Decemeber will be better 4sure.


But still that's not a good enough excuse, it has already sold 3.2+ mil, anyone who was waiting for GT5 already got it.

EDIT: @BrianG

What would you call it if not an excuse?

"I'm sure GT5 is a system seller, but releasing the 24th and having little to no advertising does not help."

BrianG2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I'm sure GT5 is a system seller, but releasing the 24th and having little to no advertising does not help.

Not making excuses, just saying Sony should have planned that out, the advertising to hit before the game released.


I clearly said I wasn't making excuses, just saying that people who wanted the game probably either had a PS3 or bought a PS3 in October in anticipation for GT5 when it was supposed to release earlier.

How are others supposed to know when GT5 is coming out with no advertising? IDK, thankfully I keep up with gaming news and knew when the new date was.

guigsy2923d ago

Not in America it won't be. GT is massive in Europe though.

RememberThe3572923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

"anyone who was waiting for GT5 already got it."

I haven't...

@disagrees: Really? So I have the game? I didn't know that. I didn't know I had bought GT5 already. I guess I've been borrowing my friends copy for no reason then.

@Game-ur: Sony's lackadaisical approach to marketing seems to have bit them in the ass. Not enough people have been wooed by GT5 and they don't have anything outside of the Move this holiday. Next year is going to be mind blowing though. I'm not sure I have enough time to play all those damn exclusives, much less all the multiplat games.

Game-ur2923d ago

This is too big, Sony need to bring the excitement back, they clearly lost the US holiday spree, and acting cool won't cut it anymore.

Let's see what this pressure will make them do.

Lunatic_Brandon2923d ago

Yeah it will sell more in Europe but the US is a large part of the gaming industry even if it is just a single country. There is a reason you guys are always comparing a continent to a country.

L0G1C2923d ago

I stopped reading at VGChar.. oh

DaTruth2923d ago

Remember when Wii went all casual and its great sales didn't count anymore?


Sackdude2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Sorry but GT5 sold 3 mill in first week only in Europe

so im sure it moved a lot of consoles over there,

don't generalize US sales over the whole world sales. don't be ab ignorant

Wakka_2923d ago

GT5, truly the most overhyped game this gen. Not AAA and no system seller.

Droid Smasha2923d ago

is anyone competing with the 360 its on a whole nutha level now

ThanatosDMC2923d ago

Sad thing is in Fry's, Best Buy and probably other electronic stores is they're not demoing GT5 but Kinect/Move.

Rampant2923d ago

GT5P: 5 million
GT5: 400.000

Only 4.6 million left until Sony can sell some new consoles!

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happyface2923d ago


theres no way ps3 could lose this bad in USA

wrong numbers?

L4DRocks2923d ago

Yeah I know the PS3 needs a price cut in the US I can't believe it did almost 1 million less than the Xbox 360 and Wii in the Holidays.

Especially with GT5 and Sony claiming they have sold 4.1 million move controllers you would think that would translate to hardware sales I guess they are shipped after all.

trancefreak2923d ago

it is pretty odd but I think and really beleive that MS did the right thing releasing the 360 before its competitors getting brand loyality. That also helps when your friends have a system and you want to play online.

Next MS just kicks ass at advertising. They are all over the tv while Sony sporadically has kevin butler here and there. They show a game and it it makes it appear as if its only on their console or its best played on their console works.

They have the hottest new motion controller that people want just like the move is to sony.

The slim console design also is very well made looks hot.

Add that all up and with their game system bargains and you have the hottest console in america.

Another thing is unlike Sony they will make custom looking machines for their AAA games why the heck Sony misses this opportunity is beyond me.

But the only game I play is halo reach on the 360 and everything else is on the ps3 or pc at my house.
I much prefer the ps3 but I guess 1.3 million this month prefer the 360. Just surprised Sony is kinda slippin here and not even matching the competition on a market they once dominated.

3241104932923d ago


bro, shipped is not equal to sold. sony shipped 4.1 million controllers, only a few of those were actually sold to customers. Sony clearly failed with GT5, they did so little advertising.

Lightsaber2923d ago

L4D just curious why would you think move would sale ps3 ? Its like buying an extra controller. Plus sony targeted move at the people that already have ps3 not people that dont own one

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Ryo-Hazuki2923d ago

ppl forget that you can get a 360 for $199. If you wanna get a ps3 its at least $299. Cheap wins over anything

Mini Mario2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Maybe they should have made a more economical console?

Guess people really do not want to work overtime

DiRtY2923d ago

If you say people vote with their dollar:

50% of all spendings on the next generation (hardware and software) was on Xbox 360. Source: NPD.

I think this excludes handhelds, but still a huge achievement.

PS3 might account for 15-20%, since it was massively outsold by the Wii as well.

Jamegohanssj52923d ago

Wait since it released the last of the month, doesn't that mean that all the black friday sales stuff won't come in until the end of this month/beginning of next year?


MASTER_RAIDEN2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

OMG shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut the fuck up fanboys. GT5 is a huge game but its not going to outdo a ONE HINDERED DOLLAR PRICE DROP. jeez...get a clue.

Connect (yeah...bitch i said it) selling so well in america is why america SUCKS at buying things. (now now, i love this country more than any other country) but what spiffy gimmick wont americans go for these days?

there are most likely similar trends in the UK as well. sad.

JeffGUNZ2922d ago

You might think it's a gimmmick, but some other people enjoy it. The goal of Kinect is to appeal to a different groupd of audience, which it is doing very well. I would love to have a Kinect if I were a young child.

DigitalAnalog2923d ago


-End of Line

Mini Mario2923d ago

Because it has good fun games. That i dont have to install and update every time i turn it on

Christopher2922d ago

Falling sales for the PS3. Wonder if that's because they're not marketing their product well enough? Oh, wait, most people here told me they didn't need to market the product, the games would mystically sell it to new consumers. Guess that's working out for them...

N4g_null2922d ago

Marketing is part of it but making games for more people is the biggest factor.

Sony keeps ignoring what other gamers want. Red steell 2 game play should be on the ps3 not socery. Yet we get an onslaught of fps wanna be games. People bought a ps2 because the xbox did not have the games they wanted nor did the gc. There is a huge opportunity here yet I don't think Sony can't fill it.

They have to stop trying to out pc ms and get back what they lost. The 3rd parties are not playing this round.

They need new ips.

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NYC_Gamer2923d ago

PS3 also did real good last month

Wakka_2923d ago

They didn't do good this month.

ct032923d ago

530K. 25% down year-on-year in the month of GT5's release.

But don't sweat it, people. I'm sure they *shipped* 3 million. :-D

gamesmaster2923d ago

im guessing ct03 doesnt have a passport, hell im willing to bet he/shes never even looked at a world map..

Ace Killa 082923d ago


Who cares it's NPD it's north america, now if we talking about world sells then you can whip out your passport. But the article talks about world sells......right?

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guigsy2923d ago

360 sold nearly 3 times that of the PS3. That's quite a gap.

klashawnd2923d ago

That's what 500 million dollars can get you. At least in the short term. If they can sustain that ratio for a while, then I'd be impressed. Sony can't be happy with the numbers though, especially since it is 25% lower than last year. Might be time for a price cut. I can get a blu-ray player for under a 100 bucks easily now so I don't see why Sony can't sell a PS3 at $199.

dragonelite2923d ago

Didn't npd mention they already are #1 selling console in us for like 6 month in a row.

L0G1C2923d ago

It's time for a small price cut.

ct032923d ago

It takes Japan about a year to widen the PS3-360 lead by 900,000 units (i.e. undo the US November).
And in Europe, PS360 sales are about even.

Death24942923d ago

ps3 and 360 in Europe haven't been even for quite some time.

Aloren2922d ago

The difference in europe is small though. The HD race is much closer in europe than anywhere else.

DaTruth2923d ago

PS3 sold nearly 20 times that of the 360 last month in Japan!

Homicide2923d ago

The gap wasn't as big as this one though.

soren2923d ago

wii sold like 10 times as much as 360. thats quite a gap

frostypants2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

So are 360 fanboys going to start acknowledging the Wii, then? Because all this time we've ALL been saying that the Wii is a casual system for casual gamers, and not a true competitor. If the 360 sales boost is almost entirely due to casuals, then...

Whatever. I own a PS3 and a 360, but a year from now, I'll be playing a handful of awesome new exclusives on my PS3, and I'll still be playing Black Ops on my 360 (and maybe Gears 3).

Good on Microsoft for finding a new market segment. But as "real" gamers, this is worthless to us. In fact, it's BAD for us, since Microsoft appears to be turning its back on the traditional Xbox base entirely.

The PS3 is the only system left that has any significant non-casual pipeline of exclusives in 2011. Instead of cheering on Microsoft's newfound sales to soccer moms, we should be stepping back and considering the sad implications this has for gaming's future.

N4g_null2922d ago

It's only sad for fanboys apparently. I mean lbp sucks even with the editor, the kart racing game sucked also. Sony bandoned their only mascot and made a bunch of resort Wii like motion games that are not selling. Now some how Sony is the last hope for gaming.

Sony started casual gaming and making games more like movies than game with less challenge and lead the way to the exctintion of 2d games which only nintendo keeps alive it seems.

If you just want to play kz and ut then you are the one killing oringnality. You should be asking for more game types. Yet your just being a fanboy.

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