NPD: Call of Duty, Xbox 360, and Kinect Drive Game Industry Sales Up 8% in November

The November NPD sales report is here, and it's finally revealed a positive month for the U.S. game industry. Total sales came to $2.99 billion, up 8% over last November. Software climbed 4% to $1.46 billion, hardware climbed 2% to $1.08 billion and accessories (which includes Kinect) skyrocketed 69% to $413.13 million. Year-to-date, the industry is now behind 2009's levels by 5%.

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donniebaseball2874d ago

The effect of Black Ops and Kinect combined really was impressive for sales.

ChristianGamer2874d ago

And they said kinect would be a dud. Talk about system seller! Microsoft, congrats. You people know how to MARKET

ct032874d ago

One would have to be very naive to not consider Kinect a system seller. It brings in an entirely new audience (which doesn't own a 360 yet).

StanLee2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I'm shocked by the numbers. The XBox 360 and Wii sold over a million units. That's incredible. The Wii still is seeing huge demand and I'm shocked at the demand for Kinect.

Droid Smasha2874d ago

360 is back and raping your childhood

evilunklebud2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Yeah, that must be the Wii's market the 360+Kinect ate into... would explain the numbers anyway. Casual gammer Christmas.

Good for the industry... all around.

LiquifiedArt2874d ago

I feel like although kinect may do well initially, I think it will fail in the grand scheme of things. I don't see much software being bought long-term by housewives etc...

And if the software isn't bought by this "New Audience" then teh developers will not allocate the resources to tap that "New Audience".

guess we'll see...

Someone pls hit me wiht b##bles :D

Stealth20k2874d ago

and yet kinect is so bad and worthless for gaming.

Casuals and hype

guigsy2874d ago

Like it or not, its sales are good for the industry.

BlackTar1872874d ago

unfortnatley for me these sales arnt in the part of the industry i want them in.

ChristianGamer2874d ago

It's tearing you up inside how well Kinect is doing isn't it? Wonder which fanboy group you fall into

BlackTar1872874d ago


My only concern is that you hardcore gamers just like it becasue MS made it. What good is it for casual its like you have to like it if your a xbox fan or soemthing. When someone tells me what good it will be for games that i play then ill accept it. Until then it looks like a bunch of mindless droids who only really care and like it cuz its for your system of chaice. In my opnion that is such a travesty and will taint the xbox name and games for future hardcore gamers based on its success. If MS hits aHomerun and decides like Nintendo to basically go 80% casual and 20% hardcore then what good did that do for you? if you ahve barely any hardcore games for your system would you still support it. I have a feeling if this goes huge and takes over the wii crowd that alot of xbox fans will eventually find out they dug there own grave for games and will be forced to sleep in it.

BTW i think move is stupid to. I just see this hey we love MS and kinect even though they arnt hardcore etc will come back to bite us all in the arse.

ARBitrator2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

BlackTar187, why do you really care. You don't own a 360 so why do you care if the 360 goes casual. If you cared about the 360 you would have bought one even before kinect came out. You are just sore because Kinect and the 360 are doing well, why not just admit it.

If Kinect was made by Sony, you would love it. And your saying you think Move is stupid is just a smoke screen to stop people from putting you on blast. I don't buy your comment, you're simply pissed because the 360 and Kinect is doing well.

Don't worry, there is plenty of room in the gaming industry for Move, Kinect, and Wii. Pick your poison and be happy, after all it's the holidays. :)

BlackTar1872874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Lol you really think i dont have a 360. You people are so ridiculous its pathetic i didn't tell anyone they were wrong individauly i shared my views and your response is to say i don't own a 360 and my move hate is a smoke screen.

Xbox: ThizzWshington(Maybe without the o) I also have Blacktar187 on 360 and WarrenG from back when it origanlly launched. Multiple names for different groups of friends and also ded accounts becasue i thought it was easier to use a gamer card and create new then remember all my old info. Hell my faavorite game this gen is a 360 game.

Give me a break dude just cuz i dont share your love for an object that has no appel to hardcore gamers. I have every system there is i have 2 xbox and 2 ps3's 1 wii and 2 PC 1 alienware and 1 custom built ohh and a laptop for starcraft ont he go.

Just cuz people dont agree with you doesnt mean you ahve to make assumptions that make you look 12yrs old. If your wondering why im aggressive towards you right now its becasue you brought it on yourself.

Please give me 1 useful application besides a little fluff that kinect is gonna do for hardcore gamers. Yea im sure throwing your hands around to change weapons will appel to people for about a week it will quickly wear off like wii did for most hardcore gamers.
LOL im currently playing COD on 360 god your a joke.

I stick by everything i said im a hardcore gamer kinect has no appel to me or anyone i know besides kids but this hardcore group stick up for it with no evidence or proof of any kind that hardcore games will be utilized and utilized well you guys are all hardcore gamers but are celebrating the success of a basically casual only device and for what and why? please explain in better detail then it has potential explain the potential cuz alot of failed Electronic devise had potential but about 99% of them never found the potential in time.

Your so good at reading people why dont you take my gamer tag and look it up and then take my psn to the psn site and look to see if there are any move games. Well there's MAG and RE5 but check the dates of the trophies

oohWii2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

@BlackTar187 - Since you through the GTs out there I went ahead to see what you have been playing, and every gamertag you mentioned was 0 gamer score or invalid. I agree with arbitrator, you don't have a 360.

If anything you make have used someone elses with a 30 day or 7 day card. Either way, you don't have the validity to speak on the behalf of a 360 gamer. Just admit that you are a PS3 fanboy hating on the 360.

You claim to be a "HARDCORE" gamer yet the closest thing you have to a valid gamertag has 4 games played with a gamerscore of ZERO and the newest game you played was Halo 3.

So how long did you friend let you borrow his 360, until your 2 day live card expired?

Nice try blacktar...; Nice call Arbitrator you nailed him.

BlackTar1872873d ago

Wow you are serious? The gamertag i listed is what you need to learn how to spell or quit lying

I cant seem to remember how to spell my other account though.

BlackTar1872873d ago (Edited 2873d ago ) Ohh look my other one . I thought it was BlackTar but its not and how convient have the same games basically on both of them.

Wow 70k gamerscore your right i dont own a 360 i just own 2 and proabbly have 4x your gamerscore you guys are really pathetic and prove my point you are just kids who ride the hype train regardless if it benefits you or not.

ARBitrator2873d ago

Dude you are simply hilarious, first off the gamertags in these links are NOT that same gamertags that you gave yesterday.

And who ever heard of a person that has a gamertag and don't remember how to spell it? Really? Child Please!

"Wow 70k gamerscore your right i dont own a 360 i just own 2 and proabbly have 4x your gamerscore you guys are really pathetic"

Please someone else on N4G, look at the links this dude provided and look at the gamerscore is there a 70K gamer score on any of them. I see a 12K and a 9K.
All the other GTs he provided are not even active/valid.

Haha and to add insult to injury, you create a black avatar and a white avatar on your accounts. Dude, just admit it, this are your friends accounts.

Also, based on the gamertags you've provided in this thread, you have 5 gamertags. What a liar, seriously dude give it up.

douchedebater2873d ago

haha, I agree arbitrator.

Hey blacktar187, since we are making sh!t up here is my gamertag. Check it out:

See how I did that? Cool huh?

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jack who2874d ago

i wanna see need for speedS sale

tplarkin72874d ago

Where are Sony's numbers?

xxBiG_BoSSxx2874d ago

the alternative source has them. it says 530k.

Shazz2874d ago

im not gonna shy away from saying well done to microsoft coz 1.4 million is big numbers for a month . congrats to them

R_aVe_N2874d ago

Yeah really good sales in the US you can not put that down in anyway even if you are a fanboy. Microsoft knows how to market that much is sure. They are marketing junk, but with enough money you can sell that junk to anybody. (I mean Kinect not the 360)I have a problem with motion controls as a whole not just Kinect. These company's are forgetting their fanbase of core gamers.

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