NPD: Call of Duty and Kinect help video game sales hit record in November

Overall video game sales were up 8 percent in November compared to a year ago.

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Dark3603506d ago

Congratulations Microsoft...

Projekt7tuning3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

This is really good for the video game industry as a whole, They can see the global recession is not stopping people from spending money on games. It should help reassure developers to green light projects knowing people will still buy.
It also shows people find video games to be a better value than other forms of entertainment.

DatNJDom813505d ago

Good for microsoft, bad for video games, and very informative about the US consumer.

Good for microsoft because they made money.

Bad for videogames because developers will soon follow delivering the same rehashed crap over and over again. Their excuse? The fools will buy it.

The American consumer doesn't buy quality anymore it seems. They just go on hype. Sad. Very sad.

Chaos693505d ago

If it was just hype then all PS3 exclusives would be selling billions by now.

sleepy33505d ago

same way feel about GT5. Now developers will make 20% of a game and throw in an extra 80% from stuff they did last gen.

HelghastDrake3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Breaking news; Metallica has just sold millions of records after going boy band.. Hardcore Metallica fans reaction. "Congrats Metallica.". Thats exactly what 360 fans are doing by cheering on MS.

We already know the 360 can sale, just wake me up when they announce a new game or two. In the meantime my MS stock will go up while my 360 collects dust.

Dark3603506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Are you mad?


DFresh3505d ago

America is not the entire world so you fail there.

Staying on topic glad the gaming industry is improving.

Active Reload3505d ago

Helghast, your trolling is Epic xD

R2D23505d ago

@HelghastDrake AKA DFRESH - Chill out ma dude, grab a 6 pack and watch some porn if you have to.

Sonyslave33506d ago

says the dude with a helghast avatar lol man evening without games according to yall ps3 only owners Ms is stilling kicking sony butt.

DFresh3505d ago

Your really sucking Microsoft's Cock.
Chill out none of these companies care about you so why are you defending them or cheering them on.

No Way3505d ago

Go ask the other side of the pond, too, shall you?

-MD-3505d ago

I don't really get you Sony fanboys sometimes. Reach and Fable 3 both came out a few weeks ago yet you still cry on about 360 having no games. It's like no matter how many games are unannounced it's never enough.

DFresh3505d ago

If Microsoft would actually invest in building some 1st party exclusives then people wouldn't complain.

PS3/Xbox 360 are both awesome consoles just let it go.


Dread3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )


That is bull
the Sony fans will find another reason to hate and complain.

This is just the latest favorite reason to hate. What is amazing to me is that this year MS has had so many games and so many console exclusives (Crackdown 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2, Fable 3, DeathSimiles, Alan Wake, add like twenty arcade games, and like ten kenect exclusives for the casuals and family)) and still sony fans have the shutzpah of claiming that Ms has had no games this year.

At this point I just cant take seriously any critizism from sony extremists. in fact they are so crazy that every time someone reviews a sony exclusive and they dont give it a perfect score they immediately call them out as being biased or bought by Ms. They really are insane. this bunch is just not satisfied with anything other than blind praise to Sony..its really weird and creepy.

Active Reload3505d ago

I was getting ready to ask people if they meant that they want MS to release new IPs or games because like you said, Reach and Fable just came out and are on point to do the usual numbers they do. But if its new Ips then they're confusing MS with Sony. MS usually doesn't announce new games more than a year away from release date and usually it is a firm release date to look forward to.

MicroSony4Life3505d ago


Look around you - do you see any 360 fans complaining about not enough games to play on the 360. I work from 8-5 and play games after that and I still have not touched games like Alan Wake, Fable 2 because Multi-Plats like Red Dead Redemption, Fall Out Vegas, Black Ops..... Have been keeping me busy.

You sound really mad and I am not sure why.

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Stealth20k3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

and the ps3 had yakuza 3,3d dot heroes, trinity universe,agarest 2,atelier rorona, gt 5, god of war 3, ect ect this year. not just 2 games but multipel exclusives

and sales are irrelevant

sleepy33505d ago

u are quite stupid sir. MS stock has not gone up in about 5 years. its hovered around 25 dollars forever now. why in world did you buy MS stock. should have bought apple. or done like me and bought MGM for 8.78 and sold for 13.85. you have a habit of buying the wrong things?

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dtrain213505d ago

Yeah Helghast is MAD and and all the PS3 fanboys. MOVE is forgotten and GT5 is disappointing. PS3 in last place again according to NPD in AMERICA...repeat for PS3 fantards in.... AMERICA(largest market). I love to play games and sales and have that better fanboys

DFresh3505d ago

America is not the entire world.
GT5 worldwide just sold 5.52M copies in 12 days.
Look on N4G the article is posted up.

Congrats you own stock in one of the companies that's falling behind in the tech world.
Apple already beat Microsoft to the punch.

Microsoft ($25/share)

Apple ($300/share)

Do the math bud.

Prcko3505d ago

gz microboys,kinect was a real deal to attract casuals!!!

jbiz3203505d ago

LOL!!! the "doesnt have any games" argument really should be dropped by u PS3 fanboys.. I mean, how crappy must the PS3 be doing if its getting its ass handed to it every month in the US by a no games having, inferior product.. Its just sad.

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