Nintendo reveals November NPD sales data

Nintendo has just revealed their NPD data for November, and the number's are quite impressive.

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NYC_Gamer3505d ago

a lot of people claim the wii is dead

RedRedSuitSDF3505d ago

Lot's claim the 360 is dead too. I think they're all going to do just fine. ;)

Droid Smasha3505d ago

oh the tears the tears they are so........delicious

yum.... yum....ohhh more yum

Matthew943505d ago

a lot of people are wrong

happyface3505d ago

So the PS3 is just wayyyyyy behind XBOX 360 and WII, price cut time sony

gtsentry3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

how do you know,did you see its sales data?..the ps3 is around the same sales area of the 360 weekly even thoe xbox is cheaper,if there was a price cut,ps3 would sky rocket pass xbox sales weekly

siyrobbo3505d ago

trouble is ms has the price advantage, if sony were to drop the ps3 to $199 MS would drop the 4gb to $99

L4DRocks3505d ago

No one has claimed the Wii is dead people are just saying the sales are down which is true. But no one is saying it's dead.

But it's not surprising to see the Wii sales at 1.2 million. The Wii always tends to do really good in the Holidays.

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eagle213505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

2.7 million systems sold

1.2 million Wii
1.5 million DS

Looks like they didn't need COD marketing blitz to sell over a million Wii systems. December, my bet is on Wii!! :)

Also, 2009 Thanksgiving week 550,000 Wii's were sold. 2010 Thanksgiving week: 600,000 sold. But they are losing ground???? LOL

eagle213505d ago

Actually 1.27 million..... go cry haters!!!!

Stealth20k3505d ago

not worldwide. Worldwide the 360 has been third for alittle while

N4PS3G3505d ago

Must be so nice down there in delusionland ;)

Zir03505d ago

I wonder if any Playstation consoles passed 1ml like everyone else.

NYC_Gamer3505d ago

i'm sure the ps3 numbers are huge as well

AceofStaves3505d ago

Not like that matters in a Nintendo thread.

Optical_Matrix3505d ago

Sony don't need to reveal numbers. Who the fuck cares. They just pwned Nintendo and MS with a simple teaser trailer of Uncharted 3.

That said, well done Nintendo. Now...give me a Zelda: Skyward Sword, and 3DS release date NOW! Please :]

ChristianGamer3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

Actually, Sony care. Their shareholders care. They don't care about uncharted's trailer. They don't care who owned who with what announcement unless it translates into money. You think sony are in this for the accolades? Lol my dear matrix, so naive.
@skadoosh, prepare for the wrath. Overhyping ALWAYS ends in disappointment. That's why uncharted 2 blew everybody away, we were not expecting it...either way, I'm stoked for 3 D!

Optical_Matrix3505d ago

Lol so, the gamers on this site are shareholders? No. I didn't think so. So dead your hype. We're gamers. Not shareholders.

Parapraxis3505d ago

"That's why uncharted 2 blew everybody away, we were not expecting it"
Actually...anybody who played Uncharted 1 expected it.

Skadoosh3505d ago

LOL! That lil teaser? You sony boys get excited for nothing. That teaser didn't show absolutely nothing. Just a table with things on it.

Remember the last time sony boys were crazy excited about an exclusive that was supposed to dominate and destroy and be perfect??? How's that 84% average for GT5 working for ya? :)

AceofStaves3505d ago

That 84% is working out great, actually, considering I play the game. There's no console for Metacritic averages. ;)

itchy183505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

well that 84% average game is working really great for me. i always sleep very lately because of that game. how about you? how's the sales numbers working for ya? :)

Parapraxis3505d ago

"You sony boys get excited for nothing."
Yes, nothing...but games

Lionhead3505d ago

Sigh figures

Offtopic talk and the 360 trolls come out like usual.

Notice they weren't around in the Uncharted articles, ya know an actual game, instead they are just parading around incomplete sales figures.

At least wait for Sony to show these "terrible" sales numbers before you try and talk "reason".

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The story is too old to be commented.