NPD: "Insane numbers" for Black Ops, Assassin's Creed sales

Casey Malone has shared NPD numbers for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and comments on the sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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NYC_Gamer3495d ago

congrats to activision and ubisoft

Lionhead3495d ago

Congrats to

happyface3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

gran turismo 5 in 8th place way behind Fable3 madden and just dance

lol it even is behind Need for Speed

Xusuyzus3495d ago

it had 5 days on the market,..
stop troling

thrasherv33495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

@Xuxuyzus: How is he trolling? It's the truth.

@Kaveti6616: Apparently you don't know what this article is about. This isn't irrelevant information. Jesus, look at all of these disagrees from PS3 fanboys. I used to think you were better than xbots but i guess that's not true any more...

@ChristainGamer: Exactly.

ChristianGamer3495d ago

6 days or not, it was supposed to have been PS3's answer to Halo in terms of sales. So far there has been no official word on any sort of worldwide numbers so we know it didn't beat Reach's 1 day single platform record. Dunno if it even beat ODST's first week numbers

kaveti66163495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

"How is he trolling? It's the truth."

You don't know what trolling is, do you?

A troll is a douchebag who can't keep his mouth shut and is only there to point out irrelevant information to piss people off or downplay something.

Happyface is trolling.

Edit: And ChristianGamer is another troll, who joined just 2 days ago and is most likely a multi-accounter.

See, this site is full of retards who can't get by on their own reputations so they have to make new ones at intervals.

mfwahwah3495d ago

The article doesn't say anything about GT5. Besides, Sony and PD are still busy counting their cash from it to worry about letting us know information that will only be used by us for flame wars.

Sackdude3495d ago

Thats only America,

In Europe/Asia/Middle-east its beating all games

it sold 3 mill in just 1 week.

etownone3495d ago

@ Christiangamer

"6 days or not, it was supposed to have been PS3's answer to Halo in terms of sales."


where are all those sonykids talking trash for years about GT??

TheFreak3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

For those of you that are hating on GT5 should give GT5 a try it is by far the best racing game I have played. I have never had so much fun with a racing game be it arcade or simulator it destroys them all, even Forza which I really enjoyed playing

Biggest3495d ago

"where are all those sonykids talking trash for years about GT??"

Up until a few minutes ago, I was playing GT5. It's a lot more fun than "Insane Numbers: The Non-Game" that you seem to enjoy right now.

acky13495d ago

Anyone who thought GT5 would outdo Halo for sales is very ignorant... don't know why anyone would try and make that claim.

A racing simulator is never gonna beat a popular and easy to play shooter like Halo in this day and age, common sense people.

NiiGhTx3495d ago

lol. Dont you guys realize the US isn't GT's country?

GT4 lifetime sales in the US are 1.7 million. Yet, it still managed to get 10 million worldwide.

Idiotic fanboys these days

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gtsentry3495d ago

proof that games can be released aroung cod games and survive

vanquisher3495d ago

COD and casuals for the Zombies, real games for the living thinking persons.

Skadoosh3495d ago

All the bashing COD gets, it's still a beast of a game. Only Halo can get the same kind of excitement as COD. All other FPS are pretty far down the ladder.

vanquisher3495d ago

Popularity doesn't = quality
Halo and GT are rare exceptions

ChristianGamer3495d ago

Mario games have great quality, gears of war series is the best selling exclusive new IP this gen with 12 million sales and it is pretty good quality too. Assassin's Creed is popular and it has great quality. The Fifa franchise, Uncharted 8 million this gen, Forza 8 million this gen all popular and all great quality. Gt5 and Halo are not the only ones. Besides, CoD, even though they are milked, they still have alot of production value and are in my eyes, great quality games that you can play for a very long time.
It's just cool to hate on then because "I'm hardcore, I play difficult slow boring realistic games, COD is for noobs!"

Biggest3495d ago

It isn't a beast of a game. It's a beast of a name right now. Modern Warfare started something and every Call of Duty after it will reap the benefits. Black Ops is a step down from Modern Warfare 2 and a 50-story building down from Modern Warfare. Minus Modern Warfare, they don't even occupy the same zip code as Counter Strike, Halo, Killzone, Resistance, Battlefield (and the BCs), or MAG.

Der_Kommandant3495d ago

This was the last game i bought from you activision

OC_MurphysLaw3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Apparently BLOPS did 8.4 Million in November!

see pending news article: http://www.industrygamers.c...

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