GameSpot: NBA 2K8 Updated Hands-On - Association Mode Details + New Screenshots

****If you press the 360 link where it's listing all platforms NBA 2K8 is available on will show the xbox360 screenshots (different captures than the PS3 screenshots)*****

"Carmelo Anthony is not a happy man. The sometimes unpredictable forward for the Denver Nuggets figured to be the star player on his team for the foreseeable future, but now finds himself in the unfortunate situation of being relegated to bench material and his playing time dropped to nil. His agent isn't happy, Anthony isn't happy, both of them are demanding a trade, and, as a result, 'Melo is mailing it on the floor night in and night out. Such is one of the purposefully exaggerated but nonetheless compelling problems you could be facing thanks to the upgraded features in the franchise mode of 2K Sports' upcoming hoops game: NBA 2K8."

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