Eye-rolling, heavy-sighing moments of Metal Gear Solid

Justin Kemppainen, Minnesota Game Examiner, writes:

I love the series to death. MGS 1, 2, and 3 was my first purchase and indeed a primary reason for purchase of my PS1, PS2, and PS2 Slim, though that one was just a coincidence; the original PS2 died around that time. For me and countless others, the series has been a monument of good gaming for many years now.

Even so, MGS has been far from perfect. Now, I'm not talking about redundant, excessive dialog. I'm not talking about hours of cinematics or a twisted, somewhat convoluted at times plot. I'm not even talking about Raiden hatred here. I'm talking about little things. Tiny moments where immersive gameplay and story disappears for a moment of awkward 4th-wall breaking, fan-service, or something completely nonsensical. Perhaps I'm giving too much credit to the MGS plot-arc, but its usually dark atmosphere and general levels of violence and death don't necessarily lend themselves to wacky side-notes.

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UP3504d ago

the 4th wall breaking moments are awesome. It would not be MGS without them.

Opiumunkey3504d ago

i loved these moments. its kojimas humor, the dude is genius.

Mr Tretton3504d ago

Do we really need bullshit this article 2 1/2 years later?