Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, in search of clues from the teaser trailer We order for the new adventure travel

After the debut of the teaser trailer for 3 Uncharted: Drake's Deception, it's time to take stock of the information that you can steal from the short film.

Naughty Dog is very good at this. The scene is going from one side of a desk where they supported the maps, papers, notes, calendar, photos and books.

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Optical_Matrix3494d ago

Well like I said somewhere else:

- In the game we will go to Britain and Arabia. Why? Theres a map of Arabia as well as a photo of Lawrence of Arabia on the desk. There's also a pile of £10/£20 notes laying under the passports in the first shot of the trailer.

- There will be conflict between Sully and Drake. Notice how, as Drake says, "All men dream, but not equally", there is a focus on Sully's cigar as well as his gun. As well as the fact its been officially stated the game will focus on the two characters. Both have dreams, but they may not dream 'equally'? Whatever this conflict or deception is (as suggested by the games title), we will find out next year ehhhhhh?

Xfanboy3494d ago

This game makes my girl wet.. :(

RedPawn3494d ago

What are doin here then?