Fight Night Champion proves it is going to be a number one contender!

EA sports found themselves aimlessly swinging punches with Fight Night Round 4 in an attempt to win back the glory they had once had with previous games in the series. Fight Night Round 4 reinvented an already flawless control system and bought the same boxers as before, No one interesting but Ali.

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Wh15ky2873d ago

"and bought the same boxers as before, No one interesting but Ali."

What? Surely the most "interesting" boxer in Round 4 was Tyson, considering it was his first appearance in the series and Ali has been in all of them.

And I don't see how that list of confirmed fighters proves that the new game will be "number one contender", there are only 2 fighters there that weren't in Round 4 - Butter Bean and David Haye, hardly anything worth getting excited about.

Smootherkuzz2873d ago

I seen a list that had alot more fighters some where.Ali was the man you have to have him,but there is alot of names that are still being not named.checkout versions 1&2,what happened to those fighters?

Wh15ky2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I agree, you have to have Ali, but I don't see how a downpoint of Round 4 was that it had "no one interesting but Ali", considering he's appeared in every Fight Night game so far.

Round 4 had about 50 fighters (about double what Round 3 had) and some interesting additions that we hadn't seen before that are worth mentioning including Tyson, Chavez, Hearns, Whitaker, Calzaghe and Pavlik. I can't for the life of me understand why Haye and Butter Bean are more exciting than the 6 names I just mentioned.