PrimeSense (Kinect tech) opens up for the Kinect hacking community

PrimeSense™ is launching the OpenNI™ organization, an open effort to help foster "Natural Interaction"™ applications. As part of this effort, PrimeSense is releasing open source drivers for the RGB-D sensor that powers the Kinect™ and other devices such as PrimeSense's Development Kit 5.0 (PSDK 5.0) and are making the HW available for the OpenNI developers community! This will unlock full support for their sensor and also provide a commercially supported implementation. They are also releasing an open-source OpenNI API, which provides a common middleware for applications to access RGB-D sensors. Finally, they are releasing Windows and Linux binaries for the NITE skeleton-tracking library, which will enable developers to use OpenNI to create gesture and other natural-interaction applications. We at Willow Garage have been working with PrimeSense to help launch the open-source drivers and are happy to join PrimeSense in leading the OpenNI organization

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Bigpappy2873d ago

They are giving the Hacks improved tech over what Kinect currently is using. This gets a lot of the upfront work out of the way for hackers. They can better concentrate on ideas.

matey2872d ago

its what everyone said when wii came out that u would get tired what about this u will be knackered after 10 mins

EVO-OM3GA2872d ago

I hope MS are looking at all of these applications and starts using them in future games, future live updates and applications.