Popsci Reports: MIT's Kinect Hack Tracks All Ten Fingers Simultaneously

The Kinect's more official uses, namely its games, have pretty much avoided tracking of individual fingers in favor of full-body tracking. That's fine for traditional motion games of the sort pioneered by the Nintendo Wii, but the Kinect has potential far beyond ping-pong and dancing games--and a lot of that future depends on finger tracking for more delicate controls. Luckily, MIT's Robot Locomotion Group and Learning Intelligent Systems teams took it upon themselves to show that the Kinect can absolutely recognize ten fingers and some relatively minute gestures.

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Bigpappy3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

There you go. The "Finger Tracking" for you guys who said could not work because Kinect was dumb down. May be the people who championed this rumor could apply the same theory to their brains. Its all about software. Removing a processor has nothing to do with features. The hardware feature set is determined by the prime-sense chip (which was never removed).

You're welcome.

RememberThe3573499d ago

So what game uses this? This is what I've wanted to see all along, but actually implemented in games or at least in the interface. I'm sure with the next generation of hardware we'll see this is full effect though.

kaveti66163499d ago

Are they using a 360 to handle the processing for this? Or have they hacked kinect to work for PC?

Because Kinect may be able to do a lot of things using brute PC CPU power, but maybe it's limited if it can only draw from the 360.

DJMarty3499d ago

drivers exist for the

Cueil3498d ago

the brute power of a triple core 3.2ghz processor?

clintos593499d ago

I gotta admit the tech does have great potential but this still doesnt prove anything. Like JokesOnYou & Apocolypse said in another thread, the tech is impressive with what HACKERS have shown but until they have kinect games for the 360 that are in games we love, then it will always be a casual device. For me I would love to see them create something that cant be done with the wii plus or move & it has to be a game like gears or halo & it has to be fun. If kinect can do that then ill admit I was wrong about the tech & ill prolly even buy it.

Bigpappy3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Can you kick with wii plus or Move? There is plenty Kinect is doing that can't be done with either one of those controllers. When I see people make that comparison it just sounds crazy to me. Kinect in and of itself is a completely different beast from those controllers. Have you ever used it and felt like you were using a wii or Move? I am confident that M$ is woking on some big things for Kinect. Thats why I was so behind it from the word go. M$ is the one company that can take this from a concept and push it to the limit. They have a lot of money and when they have something that people like, they can spread it around the world more quickly than a cancer. They will be developing most of the good ideas that you have seen out there. As long as it will sell, they will make it. This tech may have started else where, but make no mistake, M$ will be the leader in the field going forward. Many of these hackers with be soon known as M$ employees.

At the guy below who wants to compare $150 3D sensor to what Hollywood can do, is kind of ah ... stupid.

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Dylantalon13499d ago

So this is kinect, running on an Xbox and tracks ten fingers? I thought Microsoft released a bunch of games for kinect the other day but I'm wondering why none uses this tech or anything close. It's also nice to see that its 1:1 motion like the few kinect games I've played.¦^l

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