TSA | Kung Fu LIVE | Review

"The premise behind Kung-Fu LIVE is an interesting one. Using the tech from the PS Eye, you will be transported into a side scrolling beat’em up where kicks, punches, and movements you do in real life are mimicked by your on screen doppelgänger. It sounds like every big kids dream, but does it work?"

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Joni-Ice3499d ago

I give this game a 7. Got it day one and it fun to play. Got sweaty as hell playing too.

whateva3499d ago

right now I would say it's better than the kinect games that I have & I would say it's a tie with Dance Central for fun going either way depending on what you're more into.

kinect may work better in low lighting & your background don't have to be a different color from what you are wearing but when you set this game up the right way the response time & 60fps movements put kinect games to shame

xyxzor3499d ago

I'm sorry but this game is so bad. We got a review copy of it yesterday and it's a nightmare to calibrate. I swear I tried everything to try to get it to work. I see where it could be fun, but there's way to much to read and the calibration is terrible.