Another Murder Your Maker teaser image

Another teaser image has been released for "Murder Your Maker," which will be unveiled at the Spike VGAs.

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OhReginald3494d ago

Really no point in teasing this anymore since everyone knows its prototype 2.

DeathGazer3494d ago

It's Prototype 2 and nobody gives a damn.

kaveti66163494d ago

Why don't you guys just check to see who has registered the website domain name or whatever. Then you can see, possibly, the name of the developer or publisher, and then you can have some more proof about what this game might be. eh?

Darth Stewie3494d ago

Prototype 2 but no cares cause Infamous 2 is better plus both the PS3 and 360 fans have way more better games to play next year than one of Bobby Kotticks Games.

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