Don't Expect Tales of Graces PS3 In The West

Tales Union writes: "The last Tales release in North America was Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World on November 11, 2008. Since then, Western fans of the long-running Japanese RPG series have heard little to nothing from Namco Bandai. Following the release of Dawn of the New World, there's been a number of unsettling signs, such as Peter Garza, the localization manager for Tales beginning with Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo GameCube, leaving the company and the recent layoffs of personnel in their North American branches.

When the PS3 port of Tales of Symphonia was announced last April, many hopes were dashed when rumors about a possible localization came and went. Although there were no localization rumors for the Wii version of Tales of Graces, fans of the series were still left wondering what the future of the series would be in the West, as two of the mainline console games in the franchise had been passed over.

Now, with the recent release of Tales of Graces f, many have been wondering if Namco Bandai might release this improved port of the original in the West. However, for those who analyze the port, it becomes much more likely that Namco Bandai might have other plans in store, namely a Wii version of Tales of Graces f for the West. And some reports, such as this one, are signaling this might happen (although Namco Bandai has yet to comment on this story)."


A number of the key points have been rewritten per commenter feedback to reinforce the original intent of the article.

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JDouglasGU2895d ago

thats too bad for tales fans

Abash2895d ago

As long as they bring the new Tales of game they're announcing on 12/15 overseas, I'll be happy.

Dragun6192895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Yeah, I just hope they at least bring over Tales of Xilla for PS3.

2894d ago
princejb1342895d ago

im a huge tales fan
but these idiots dont wanna send it to the west
all i ask for is english subtitles and menu, i could careless about the voices

plus is namco bandai fault there games aint selling in the west
like common why would they make their game on the wii
we pretty much all know unless the name is mario it wont sell as much as you expect it to
and no wii sports aint a game is a demo

disturbing_flame2895d ago

It's too bad also for NAMCO.

I mean what NAMCO think ? They think they will survive only with the Japan market ?

NAMCO needs to push japanese games out of JAPAN! Why ?
Because actual gamers don't know anymore japanese games, they only play occidental games, and on the other way, japanese try now to make occidental games because they think they can't sell them in Europe nore America.

NAMCO ask Nintendo if japanese games can't be sold in occident. Ask the leader of this generation if Pokemon, Mario, Zelda and more are forgotten.
Ask Square if FFXIII didn't sold in Europe and America.
Ask people who played JRPG on PS2, PS1, Saturn, Dreamcast,N64,gamecube if they don't want japanese games back in their consoles.

Japanese developpers must stop making games with an occidental approach and start making japanese games translated to be sold around the world.

We want true japanese games back on consoles, we've got already what we need with our occidental devs for TPS, FPS etc. We need true arcade games, true survival games, true WTF games, true JRPG games, on consoles.
We want JAPAN back ! NAMCO you're doing it wrong, if you don't understand the market and don't believe in your History, you will fail.

Even SEGA released and is releasing YAKUZA out of Japan...
Come on, seriously

Mahr2895d ago

Yeah, at this point, Graces should not really be a high priority entry on any running 'desired localization' lists. There are some good, talented folks handling a fan translation for both versions of it right now.

A better direction of effort would be toward getting the next game over here.

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Smacktard2895d ago

I kind of doubt Wii owners in the West are gonna get it, too. That article links a source that says it's coming out, but I can't find ANY other source. Seems quite doubtful to me. I'd love it if it did.

Kain812895d ago

WTF? Whats wrong with you Namco...the fans are waiting desperatly on a Tales game on the PS3 and you do nothing WTF?

UltimateIdiot9112895d ago

Yet, they wonder why sales are falling into an abyss. All they do is keep releasing DBZ over and over and other anime related game.

All the good games, they rarely bother to localize. It's like they want to fail in the west.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2895d ago

i see what you the abyss (tales of the abyss) lol.

FrigidDARKNESS2895d ago

there missing potential sales by holding it in Japan.. I played Tales Of Vesparia on the 360 and enjoyed every minute of it.

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