We want games, not gimmicks

The arrival of the holiday season always brings its customary slew of new video game developments. Whether marketing new games or new technology, big companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all want you to do your holiday shopping with them.

Usually, this isn't a problem since the newest product is typically the best available. Unfortunately, that isn't the case this year. Despite wonderful innovations like Xbox 360's Kinect, PlayStation 3's Move and the Wii … wait, Nintendo didn't really do anything new.

The point is, these "revolutionary" gaming technologies have just been released and are being shoved down gamers' throats. They're more gimmicky than anything and hardly have the kind of entertainment value gamers want. Plus, since it's all so new, it's also buggy. Wait to buy any of these until some real developments are made.

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Agent-862870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I agree with the title and want games, not gimmicks. However, this quote from the article bothered me: "What Sony needs are more exclusive titles. At this point, while the PlayStation 3 has a fine series in the form of God of War, there isn't much else worth mentioning."

Excuse me? More exclusives? Nothing worth mentioning besides God of War? The reason I bought a PS3 was their awesome lineup of exclusives (I won't bother listing them all because it's a long list and we know what they all are). What was this author smoking?

Zydake2870d ago

I think they want Sony to have their own type of Skittles LOL.