ESRB releases rating summary for Dead Space 2

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has released a rating summary for Dead Rising 2, detailing the game’s blood, gore, intense violence and strong language.

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SwiftShot3503d ago

This shouldn't be n4g worthy imo.

AwesomeJizz3503d ago

What should then? Fanboy articles that this site is filled with?

SwiftShot3503d ago

lol I'm surprised anyone else even commented n beats me I just dont c y anyone would post this. seemed pretty obvious, Sure as heck wouldn't b rated T. then Again y do people post any thing useless. Hmmm

RedDead3503d ago

I see what your saying, its not exactly any information or unnexpected news, Dead space is gory. Do I need an article telling me it's gory? I know it's gory already.

HarryMonogenis3503d ago

Wait.. a space-horror game that contains gore, blood and violence? This is different...

DannyDammit3503d ago

The words "f***" and "s***" are used!? Oh no! This game is waaaay too hardcore for me.