Ubisoft: High Ambitions and Tons of Surprises

E4G: Ubisoft's Montreal Azaizia Aymar has stated on his twitter that Ubisoft has a lot of projects going on in the studio.

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curtis3943504d ago

good, Ubisoft normally do something really well, or terribly, so hopefully with a lot of projects they might be able to do a few good things :D

Convas3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Hopefully they return to the roots in Splinter Cell 6. Public opinion of Conviction was REAL varied. I enjoyed it, and so did many other people, but then a lot of SC vets felt betrayed.

So hopefully, Ubi can deliver a solid, action-packed, albeit slealthy, not-a-third-person-shooter-in- the-last-2-or-3-levels in the next Splinter Cell Title.

Arup023503d ago

Too much ambition could be disastrous.

Coolmanrico3503d ago

I'm still waiting for more info on "I Am Alive".

Arup023503d ago

Yeah, its been too much time since i heard any info on this game. Maybe we will be shown in VGA?

ChristianGamer3503d ago

I am a lie...fix.
Vapourware in my books. Can't believe I was so excited about that game

ChristianGamer3503d ago

New Splinter Cell coming soon? More stealth less compressed season of 24? Seriously though guys, didn't you expect fisher to unzip himself and it's actually Jack Baur in disguise? All that game needed was for fisher to shout everything he says and to keep saying dammit and mr/madam president we believe there's a conspiracy to . . .
I'm getting carried away. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 2 anyone?

Bass_fisherman3503d ago

AS long its 360 exclusive you would be an happy virgin.

ChristianGamer3503d ago

As long as it's not pc exclusive I'd be a happy virgin. I have a ps3 and an xbox 360 so I'd buy it either way