Uncharted Series Sells Nearly 8 Million Copies

We love Uncharted, and we’re pretty sure you love Uncharted. However, as Sony lacks the marketing force of most large publishers, many gamers miss out on the company’s amazing exclusive games. With Uncharted, however, critical acclaim, as well as word of mouth, have helped push the series to record heights.

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Taggart4512965d ago much is that compared to Modern Warfare 2?

Doesn't matter. Uncharted is better for me :)

BigWoopMagazine2965d ago

That and its exclusive... its much easier to make more sales with double the customers across two platforms. So this is pretty epic.

-Alpha2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

I don't think it's unfortunate at all, I'm sure they are very happy with the success. Naughty Dog has come a LONG way since Jak and Crash.

Maybe those two franchises sold more, but Naughty Dog weren't ever as popular as they are now. Their reputation has really boosted tenfold IMO and while some games can sell so much, not many of them have that level of respect and prestige.

But I see what you are saying: Commercial success is important and ND deserve to be filthy rich for their hard work. I want Uncharted 3 to sell millions day one.

But as a fan I'm proud of them for their work. Watching them develop all these years is an amazing treat to see. Who knows, with their emphasis on MP this time around maybe they will attract the MP crowd and that can help sell the game to a new audience. IMO UC2's MP was really top notch considering the lack of experience ND had and the fact that it was not the main focus

NecrumSlavery2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

I don't know Alphamale

People knew and loved ND back in the day. Crash Bandicoot was kind of a big deal.

zootang2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )


I have to agree they were a big deal back in the day and I think they lost their way after the PSone. Oh boy did they find it again though with Uncharted! Crash and those masks will be forever etched in my mind.

I used to think they called their studio after Crash until I learned what a bandicoot was.

Death24942965d ago

I'm actually quite impressed. Expecting Uncharted 3 to add quite alot to that number by release time. I honestly, didn't think their multiplayer was going to be as addictive as it was.

postofficebuddy2965d ago

It's too bad they lost their Japanese audience though. Crash was a million seller over there back in the day.

Boody-Bandit2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

This is what people mean when they say this </insert game here> will have long legs. The Uncharted series is my favorite new IP this generation on the PS3. Runner up Infamous (but this might change after Infamous 2).

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ComboBreaker2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I sense the stealth troll hiding within you.

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doctorstrange2965d ago

I know which one I'd rather be stuck on a desert island with (that strangely has electricity and a PS3)

Arup022965d ago

Why are you comparing two different games, two different genres?

rezzah2965d ago

Hes not comparing them, but talking of the sales. Obviously you see the sales number for a sony game and then someone will very likely pop in and mention the sales of another game despite any differences.

Example, GT5 sells 20K in some small country and the first post is a person who copares that 20K to 5 million+ world wide sales of COD.

So Taggart isnt doing any stupid, hes just making those fanboy idiots shut up before they get the chance to say anything.

Edito2965d ago

This level of sales its clearly inferior to those of modern warfare and halo but its enough for them to keep producing grate games and in the end they will end selling just like the others its typical on PS games they usually take ages to sell but will sell till ever... here in mozambique PS3 sells very well even at a ridiculous price but the PS2 games still strong to and i think this will happen with the PS3 but if u ask nobody is buying halo 3 or even ODST.

postofficebuddy2965d ago

If Naughty Dog had the Japanese support that they did back in the PS1 era Uncharted could have come close to Halo in size. Maybe not quite on par with it but close.

rukia_chan2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

"We love Uncharted, and we’re pretty sure you love Uncharted. However, as Sony lacks the marketing force of most large publishers, many gamers miss out on the company’s amazing exclusive games.

Microsoft or not, its obvious sony marketing is crap. Uncharted 2 was just an awesome game, for a team to give you such an exclusive and you dont capitalize on it is just sad.

Kleptic2965d ago

I agree that it 'used' to be crap...but hardly the past year Sony has turned their marketing around completely...with a recognizable face to go with it...

Have you seen what MS has been doing lately?...Kinect is it, and will be for the rest of this generation...that is who they are now focusing on...and Nintendo isn't doing anything either...

phatak2965d ago

whose winning goty next year? lbp 2, nah its gonna be kz3, actually its resistance 3, no way its agent, shut up its the last guardian, screw u its ratchet and clank all 4 one, hell no its motorstorm apocalypse, its yakuza 4 , u crazy its my man jaffes twisted metal,its my shooter socom 4,what about infamous 2? actually its the king of kings uncharted 3 baby!!!!

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wolfehound222965d ago

This is pretty good considering its a new franchise, exclusive and has been out for just 5 years. As long as their making games in the series I will be buying them.

poopface12965d ago

those are some great sales for only being around 3 years. Pretty much every exclusive game that sells like this has been around since before this gen besides gears of war. So this is pretty remarkable considering other game series that sell like this have been around alot longer.

HelghastDrake2965d ago

So thats 4 million per game. I heard it costs 50 million to make each game, so thats 100 million costs to make and it has made sony 400 million. I think they are very pleased to say the least.

zeddy2965d ago

this ones going to be a lot cheaper maybe around 25-30 million mark because their game engine is amazing now so they can concentrate on other things.

nycredude2965d ago

the budget for both games were $20,000,000 to $25,000,000.

Prcko2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

I played all Naughty Dog games!!
They making incredible good games,from crash bandicoot to jax and daxter,and now uncharted series!!!
I will support their games as long i gonna have money :)

it's not 50 million,around 30 mill for each game app!
promotional costs are around 5-10 million,so we get number around cca 40mill for one game :)
and yea i forgot to mention that if you develop game for only 1 platform you have lower costs,and when developers are more familiar with the platform(as they make sequels)their costs are automaticly lower because they alrdy know how to work with it!