Top Xbox 360 Characters We Want In Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat has just added Sony's cover boy, Kratos, to their upcoming game roster. The God of War is acting as a Sony ambassador for the PS3 version, but Mortal Kombat is a cross-platform title. So, it's very likely that an Xbox 360 exclusive character will be announced as well.

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scar202874d ago

Horstachio would be freakin funny kratos will just beat the candy out of him.

For the video go to 8.03

Abash2874d ago

I honestly dont think there'll be a 360 guest star character in Mortal Kombat. Like there was no guest star racer on the PS3 version of SEGA All Star Racing.

MAJ0R2874d ago

1. ?

2. ?

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5. ?

I really can't think of any 360 characters that would be good in mortal combat

Mystogan2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Maybe because you don't own one?

1. Jack of Blades (Fable 1)
2. Myifee (Ninety Nine Nights)
3. Ken Ogawa (Ninja Blade)
4. Agent (Crackdown)
5. Conker The Squirrel (Conker)(things could get ugly..maybe he's to epic for MK thats why he probably won't appear)

Other Characters
Capell (Infinite Undiscovery)
Shu (Blue Dragon)
Azurik (Azurik:Rise of Perathia)
Tao Feng (Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus
Protagonist (Shadow Run)
Scythe (Fable)
Reaver (Fable 2)

Google Them they are all perfectly capable for Mortal Kombat, Of course the PS3 fanboys won't agree with me cuz they don't like that xbox does have good characters for MK and in Gener

Im done..

Also Guy Would be awesome too.

UnbiasedTroll2874d ago

Master Chief will be so awesome in Mortal Kombat :D

Elit3Gamer2874d ago

Actualy master chief would fit better in a power rangers game.

Der_Kommandant2874d ago

he would be awesome in kinectimals as well

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UnbiasedTroll2874d ago

If Master Chief comes on Mortal Kombat..

fanboys all know Kratos announment would be overshadowed and forgetton. You know this guy is a HUGE ICON.

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Masamori Sumimura2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Xbox Avatars? GTFO. ViVa Pinata? WTF? Joana would fit in a Dead Or Alive game.

Mystogan2874d ago

Reaver,Scythe or Jack of Blades(greatest villain ever!) from Fable
Agent from Crackdown
Myifee or Galen from Ninety nine Nights

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