Gran Turismo 5: This overtake is absolutely awesome

Following video shows the coolest way to overtake in Gran Turismo 5.

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Dante1122873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Lol, thought it was a glitch or something from the pic, but no wonder, it a big uphill jump (@ 0:36 of the vid). Cool way to overtake indeed.

DoomeDx2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Damn N4G loves to put the words ¨AWESOME¨ ¨EPIC¨ and ¨(add gamename here) Gameplay is full of win¨ in their article-titles.

But, this video aint that ´amazing´ :O
I do this everyday in my car when i go to work!

Also, the driver in the video was probally Kevin Butler testing one of the cars in Gt5

Peter322873d ago

Haha @ the kevin butler part

Christopher2873d ago

Nice. Been waiting for one of those movies that has a chase scene in San Fran or similar city with the steep hills to do something similar.

UnbiasedTroll2873d ago

That awesome but too bad this awesome car is a standard car not a premuim.. just plain dumb in PD part.

Vesemir2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Serious ?? The car looks so good, I thought it was a premium. Standard cars does look good in this game.

Information Minister2872d ago

Some standard cars look better than others, but this game definitely needs a premium model for the Bugatti Veyron. I'm hoping we'll get it via DLC.

It's one of the most iconic machines of the decade. What were they thinking there at PD?

VINNIEPAZ2873d ago

"it seem PD forgot to add weight on the car"

Thats what I thought when watching the video. I thought the GT series was renowned for its real life physics and stuff. Seemed kinda NFS like gameplay there lol

randomwiz2872d ago

A commercial plane obviously weighs A LOT, but it still starts to fly around 100mph

A bugatti veyron going 200 mph on a road that drops suddenly after rising is going to lose all its downforce and take off.

NiiGhTx2872d ago

PD did. Did you see the Skyline after that hill jump?

The whole car's weight shifted towards the front.

The front bumper is literally touching the track and the back bumper is not touching the track.

commander2872d ago

Do u realize how much torque that veyron has> Its essential going over a v shaped road almost like a rollercoaster. When your going that fast yu will get airborne. It maybe overexaggerated, but i doubt you know anything about racing you lame troll.

Go play mario as this game is meant for adults.

Mista T2872d ago

thats how you overtake, LIKE A BOSS

Projekt7tuning2872d ago

"Just a good ol boy, Never meaning no harm."
The dukes of Hazzard.

radzy2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiddddggggeee rrraaaccceeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

LiquifiedArt2872d ago

although this is cool and funny...

Should this really be on N4G? I mean seriously..

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rrw2873d ago

it seem PD forgot to add weight on the car

D4RkNIKON2873d ago

Seems like you are trolling.

Skizelli2873d ago

I don't see how he's trolling. It's merely an observation.

kaveti66162873d ago

that second vid with the flying subaru looks fake for some reason.

Vesemir2872d ago

Ah nice vids, it happens in real life. Point for PD.

RedDragan2872d ago

@ kaveti6616

Then you obviously have no idea about cars.

Stick to arcade games, you'll never be a real race driver if you cannot comprehend the basics of driving.

Projekt7tuning2872d ago

@ ScaryKidsScaringKids
The Porsche GT1 is my favorite Race car of all time. (The first video)
Actually it happened to the GT1 at The 24 Hours of Le Mans also. They had to re-grade both Road Atlanta, and Le Mans straights because of that. BMW and Mercedes had it happen too. That was the good ol days of the GTP cars. Its too bad they slowed them down. They don't sound as exotic anymore.

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rezzah2873d ago

It seems you dont understand how a car can litereally fly of the ground at high speeds.

You must ride a bycicle.

Skizelli2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I challenge you to find me a video of a real car doing this on a paved track during a race.

Edit: Let me clarify. "This" as in a clean overtake on a paved track during a race. This car uses an incline on the track to overtake a car. Aerodynamics does not count.

DoomeDx2873d ago

^You could in GTA:San Andreas!

Hydraulics for live!
GT5 + Hydraulics would be kickass.
Imagine yourself doing a little lowrider-dance before finishing

PS360PCROCKS2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

the overtake may be ridiculous and fake, but that was a DUMB challenge. Cars fly off the track all the time at high speeds.

Skizelli2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

@PS360WiiRocks: No, it wasn't a dumb challenge. You're just not paying attention. I'm not talking about cars flying off the track. I see that all the time. I'm talking about a clean overtake like this one on a PAVED track. I've seen such a thing on a dirt track, but it wasn't that spectacular seeing as the course was designed with jumps. It's bound to happen there at some point.

And disagree with me all you want. I'm still waiting for such a video.

TheTruthTeller2873d ago


check this out

there ya go a real car doing what you say cannot be done.

Skizelli2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

@TheTruthTeller: Dude, that's a rally car on gravel. They're meant for rough road conditions, which usually involve jumps. That doesn't impress me nor does it have anything to do with my challenge. The challenge was to find a video that replicates what's seen in the GT5 video, i.e. - a car overtaking another on a PAVED road course. This does not apply to cars flying off the track due to aerodynamics or rally cars doing what they do on a daily basis.

And seeing as I'm out of bubbles, I can't reply anymore. But I'd very much like to see a real video replicating this.

@Fanboys: Don't get your panties in a bunch. I'm not putting down GT5 in any way.

TheTruthTeller2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )


if a rally car can do it dont you think a normal sports car can and if not explain why not.

popup2872d ago

Hill or ramp, takeoff is easy at speed. The problem is the car surviving the landing. GT obviously does not simlulate stunt car driving but the video is still cool and it must have taken some time to get it right :)

djfullshred2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Skizelli - I get the point you are making about this not being likely in the real world.

A car like a Veyron is going to flip if it gets airborne like that, being heavier in the rear end. At the very least, if not flipping, it will come down so hard on the rear, that it would crash & burn. The launching in the air is realistic. The game is not simulating the effects of air resistance on the front high point of the car as it flys through the air.

But it is a game made for a console, not supercomputers that can simluate every physical force of a real car driving high speed in the real world in real time.

Christopher2872d ago

They didn't forget about weight, they have it programmed into the game that the front end won't reach above a certain degree in relationship to the ground. The car of that size and shape would normally get pulled up pretty fast in the front and likely end up flipping end over end, but PD seems to prevent this in their games by forcing car AI to remain at a level that will allow the car to land evenly.

Don't think they do this because they can't, it's a design choice to maintain a certain level of professional concept to the driving simulator rather than turning it into a crash fest.

fierysensation2872d ago


The reason you won't find a real car doing this on a paved track because:

1. You won't find actual racers that will take an incline drop at that speed.
2. No racer would have the balls to pull a stunt like that on the fly.

Most actual racers take risks, but not ones that intentionally jeopordize the life of people they are racing with.

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DoomeDx2873d ago

Well, TBH they didnt seem to add weight on the cars in forza.

Many flying car glitches

kudakadere2873d ago

why is it when someone offends an exclusive people asume that they dont own a ps3 or xbox 360 or becuase they offend gt they play forza. Some people may just bash racing games if you get what i mean .

Skizelli2873d ago

Both Forza and GT have always been flawed. Apparently people forgot about the car levitations and clipping through walls in GT1 and the Escudo glitch in GT2. Doesn't make either series any less fun to play, though.

King-Leonidas2873d ago

lol are you that dumb? There is a little thing called aerodynamics that the Bugatti Veyron lacks, making it easier to fly when jumping

kingteekej2873d ago

It looks like god forgot to add weight to some of the worlds cars. Thats because you see some of them just flying for a second. Red bull gives you wings (Webber at Le Mans)

djfullshred2872d ago

It's not weight so much, but rather effects of air resistance that is not programmed into the game. Weight in the virtual world is relevent to how the car feels while in contact with the track. The cars feel right on the track.

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Joni-Ice2873d ago

Give a person video and photo capture in a game and they will come up with some crazy things. Crazy Video.

redwolf2873d ago

that was a perfect overtake in one of the best tracks in GT serues