Games Inbox: Lara love, consoles vs. PC, and seasonal gaming
Generally I thought the Xmas gift guide was good, but I'm quite disheartened to hear GC say that a PC costing a few hundred quid can barely play old games, or that multiformat titles aren't quite as good as their console counterparts. This simply isn't true.

For example, I wouldn't touch Mass Effect 2, Dead Rising 2 or Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit on consoles after playing the superior PC versions. £100 will buy you a graphics card able to give better performance than consoles are capable of and could play all the aforementioned titles twice as smoothly as the consoles can. Not to mention the huge back catalogue of great games that still play on a modern PC - Halo or Metal Gear Solid 2 in HD anyone?

Don't get me wrong, I love my PlayStation 3 - but respect for the PC where it's due please!

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