Call of Duty cyber attack prompts arrest of boy, 17

A teenager has been arrested in connection with a cyber attack which put the online version of the computer game Call of Duty out of action.

The 17-year-old was arrested in the Beswick area of Manchester by the Metropolitan Police's central e-crime unit earlier.

It followed a "denial of service" attack, which saw large numbers of people unable to play the game online.

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scar203499d ago

So many stupid kids nowadays.They will do anything to get an advantage over other people mainly due to the fact that they suck.

scar203499d ago

Why am i getting disagrees? im stating the obvious.

sp1deynut3499d ago

...because a lot of those "stupid kids" are N4G regulars. :o

bodybombs3499d ago

you pointed out the obvious, should have offended those regulars and got 10 agrees 0 disagrees. lol

MisfitSmurf3499d ago

The Cyber Police, they have been informed

djfullshred3499d ago

In these cases, disagrees are seen as "idiot detectors"

Dark_Charizard3499d ago

Thank God I'm not a citizen of that paranoid country.

mrv3213499d ago

Yeah because America has never EVER been paranoid and attempted to isolate itself.

HolyOrangeCows3499d ago

Fed the troll, you have done.

RememberThe3573499d ago

Where do you live? The American government is always trying to make an example of hackers and pirates.

Theoneneo813499d ago

Have you been living under a rock the last week

*cough wiki leaks *cough*

SMOK3xFFx3499d ago

It must have been the father who back traced it and reported it to the cyber police. The consequences will never be the same.

Ducky3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

What is this I don't even.

(I know)

bananasNmonkeys3499d ago

Probably getting flown over to work for Activision in their 'Anti-Hacking' Dept. He's their first and only employee.

Hozi893499d ago

Oh man, I can't understand why people would go out of their way to do shit like that in the firs place. If they thought it'd be funny well I hope that kid is laughing now. However, I guess he does have some hacking skill so maybe Activision should consider hiring him.

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